10 Tips for Air-Drying Your Hair without Turning It into a Hot Mess

Air-dried hair can look gorgeous if you know how to do it. Some women worry about the damage that can be caused by hair dryers, especially when used too close and at the wrong temperature. If you want to get into the habit of air drying, then you need the following tips to prevent your hair from turning into a hot mess.

Air Drying Begins in the Shower The first step to take for beautiful air-dried hair is to choose a good conditioner to use in the shower. There is no one-size-fits all brand. Make sure you are using a product that meets the needs of your locks to keep them hydrated and free of split ends.

You Need a Hair Towel Regular bath towels can damage wet hair. You should only use very soft cotton fabric towels or a t-shirt to remove moisture without adding frizz. Rub gently and wrap material around your hair like a turban. Leave it on for a couple of minutes then unwrap and pat dry. We recommend the microfiber towel by Aquis.

Wavy Hair with Air It will take a little more than air, but you can get waves without applying heat. To achieve that sexy wavy look, apply a mix of lightweight styling products like mousse, followed by moisturizing cream. Create four sections of hair and twist each around a length of cloth. Wrap into a bun and bobby pin in place. Wear to bed with a hair net then gently unwrap in the morning without brushing.

Straightening Your Hair If you’re going for straight locks, begin with a shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes. Make sure you only use lightweight products that are applied at the middle of the shaft downward. This will help prevent hair from looking oily. Follow with smoothing cream then a shine serum when hair is almost dry. Brush and you’re ready to go!

Moisturize for Curls Love curls and want to air dry? Make sure your strands are well-moisturized to help combat frizz. Apply a heavier hair cream to wet hair and comb through. Separate hair into two inch wide sections and wrap in medium-to-large hair rollers.  Warm up styling cream and pat on when it’s time to unwind.

Consider a Shorter Style Longer hair can be harder to manage when you’re air drying every day. Going with a shorter style can help. It’ll make your daily routine easier and give you a chic look that’s more versatile when it comes to different hair types.

Move your Part If you have the classic down-the-middle part, it’s time to spice things up. Move your part to the side to add volume to your roots. Keeping it front and center can cause roots to flatten and give you that meh look.

Comb in the Shower OnlyBrushing dry hair can lead to a serious case of frizz. Try combing in the shower instead. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle as needed. To prevent breakage, only comb while conditioner is in your hair.

Cut Back on Shampooing Shampoo removes the natural oils from hair, which means your locks won’t be properly moisturized when they dry. Try cutting back on shampooing. Either get rid of this step completely or only do it once or twice per week.

Use Braids to Add Texture Braiding is an easy way to add natural texture to your hair when air drying. You can braid at night then unbraid in the morning. Give your hair a shake then apply hairspray to hold your textured look. You can also spritz volumizer on damp hair then scrunch for a style that looks like you just stepped off the beach.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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