Best Dog Food For Puppies


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Proper puppy nutrition is essential for the growth and development of adolescent dogs. Puppies that eat regular dog food can be at risk for nutritional deficiencies as puppies need more amino acids and minerals than adult dogs. Ingredients in generic dog foods packed with additives and fillers can be dangerous and cancerous to puppies. That’s why we’ve compiled our picks to help you find the best dog food for your pup!

1. Ollie

Ollie dog food is perfect for puppies of all breeds and sizes. Custom made for your dog’s breed, weight, activity level, and allergies, Ollie is human-grade dog food formulated by a team of specialized veterinarians to bring your puppy the nutritional precision no other brand can provide. Starting at just $3/day for small pups, you can nourish your puppy with real ingredients ethically sourced from free-range farms. Delivered straight to your door and free of any chemicals and preservatives, Ollie’s nutrition-packed meals not only work to improve digestion, skin health, and coat, but also promote healthy weight and in turn, a longer life.

2. Stella and Chewy’s

Stella and Chewy’s freeze-dried puppy food is a complete and balanced meal for growing dogs. Free of any antibiotics and added hormone, Stella and Chewy’s freeze-fried patties makes preparing, storing, and traveling with dog food easy and convenient. Each patty is high in protein and contains only premium ingredients to help your puppy reach optimal growth.

3. Homemade

If you have time to cook fresh meals and trust you can deliver your puppy’s nutrient requirements, cooking homemade fresh meals is one of the best options. Although this requires research on what your love specifically needs to create a well-rounded diet with the correct supplements, as a pet parent you’ll know exactly what will be going in your puppy’s food. Take caution however as homemade diets can cause nutritional imbalances and vitamin or mineral deficiencies if not prepared correctly. Speak to your vet about what is best for your pup!

Puppy foods that didn’t make the cut

Brands like Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Hill’s Science Diet, and Wellness Core were heavily investigated and landed in InsiderEnvy’s hot seat. All nutrition labels contained the ingredient “natural flavors.” By law, nutrition labels must list ingredients by weight. While some brands like Orijen and Taste of the Wild have a majority of clean ingredients, somehow natural flavors landed high up on their list of ingredients.

When a dog food says “made with natural flavors,” you can never be sure what they are claiming as the four D’s (dead, dying, disabled, and diseased animals) are often disguised as natural flavors. You won’t want to feed your puppy any ingredients you aren’t sure of no matter how cheap. If you’re unsure, just check the number of recalls. Invest in fresh dog food and save money on vet bills – your dog’s life may depend on it.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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