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I was four years old when my mom came home with our first dog: a black lab, Lucy, who became my best friend. Fast forward twenty-five years and I am now a proud mom myself. Pia is a two-year-old miniature dachshund with the attitude of a bulldog. She weighs six pounds and her one true love in life in barking.

A year ago, Pia almost died from an infection that started in her digestive tract. Her vet gave us antibiotics, but every few weeks she would get sick again. We soon realized Pia was reacting to her dog food, and switched her over to Nom Nom Now, a subscription pet food company that delivers freshly prepared, restaurant-quality dog meals. She immediately regained her health, and now loves mealtimes more than ever!


Customized to Your Dog

Bags of Nom Nom Now food are portioned to your dog, and resealable in the event your pup doesn’t finish! Dog meals come in a variety of recipes, from Beef Mash to Porkalicious Potluck, and are customized nutritionally to fit your dog’s breed, size, activity, health issues, and age. Before Pia, I had never had a small dog, and I wasn’t sure how much to feed her. Nom Nom Now took care of that, offering me dog meals customized to feed my six-pound yapper!

Restaurant-Quality Ingredients

All Nom Nom Now ingredients are hand-inspected and 100% all natural, fresh, and human-grade, meaning the food is so good you could eat it if you wanted to. (I’ve tried.) Each meal includes NomNomNutrient Mix and Fish Oil to make sure your pup gets its daily dose of vitamins without the hassle of buying extra pills or treats.

No Hassle

Meals ship for free! When you sign up for Nom Nom Now, you’re guaranteed automatic reorders, which means you’ll never run out of dog food (even if you forget to order it like I do). All meals are premade, so all you have to do is open your bag of fresh food and pour!

Backed by Experts

Every Nom Nom Now recipe is curated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, one of the world’s leading veterinary nutritionists. He and his team of scientist and doctors create each meal to optimize your dog’s health.


Vegan & Gluten Free Options

While Nom Nom Now does offer some gluten-free recipe options, not all of its meals are made with entirely gluten-free ingredients. Additionally, Nom Nom Now meals are not made in a gluten-free facility. All Nom Nom Now meals contain meat, so they’re not the right choice for your dog if it is vegan.


Nom Nom Now (and all premium pet food subscriptions) are more expensive upfront than your traditional bag of dog food is. However, in the long run, I view Nom Nom Now as an investment. I know Pia will live a longer, healthier life eating Nom Nom Now.


Pia has been healthy for over a year now. Sometimes, she gets bored of the meals offered by Nom Nom Now, so I mix it up by buying her treats and meals from other dog subscriptions like Ollie. I am so happy to have found a dog meal subscription Pia likes, and look forward to years of snuggles with my little girl!

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by Insider Envy Staff

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