Care/Of vs. Ritual

So I’ve been around the vitamin block a couple times to know all it’s ins and outs. I’m always hesitant to try any newcomers in the market, but with the constant raves about Care/of and Ritual, I wanted to see if the two products lived up to their hype. Care/of and Ritual are two new vitamin subscription companies that rocked the industry. Each of these brands have their own pros and cons. Keep reading to find out which vitamin is right for you.



Care/of is probably one of the most unique vitamin subscriptions I’ve ever encountered. After taking one of the cutest in-depth surveys of all time, I was recommended a selection of nutrients based on my dietary needs. I recommend taking the quiz to check out your nutritional recommendations. You’ll be surprised to find how accurately the quiz personalizes each vitamin pack to your lifestyle, goals, and diet. Dedicated to bringing you only what you need, Care/of also gave me complete customer freedom at checkout. The process allowed me to select not only from their recommended pack, but also add or remove whatever items I wanted.


If you’re not sure what’s in your current multivitamin, drop the bottle. There couldn’t be a more trustworthy company than Ritual. Ritual is a vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, nut-free, and soy-free monthly vitamin subscription service. Manufactured in the United States, these vitamins contain the nine most important nutrients for women. While most multivitamins contain over 20 ingredients you already get enough of, Ritual gives you only what you need. On their website, you can also check our where and how each ingredient is sourced. It feels good to know what you’re putting in your body – especially if you’re taking it every day.


Care/Of is the opposite of a one size fit all pill. It personalizes each vitamin pack to each individual. In addition to the combination of recommended pills, customers liked that they were able select which pills to keep and remove. In addition Care/of offers not only vitamins and minerals, but also ayurvedic herbs and probiotics. It’s packaging is reminiscent of tea bags and super convenient for travel.
Some people prefer to take one pill rather than a combination of pills.

If you’re a two pill kinda gal, Ritual is for you. Free of any synthetic fillers of stabilizers, Ritual is simple. All the vitamins work together to allow a balanced physiological function. All of Ritual’s ingredients are encapsulated in a clear pill staying true to their code of honesty and transparency. The pill can also be taken on an empty stomach and has a peppermint taste so you won’t have to worry about the usual fishy taste.

Sorry men, but Ritual Essential for Women is made for women. Although you may be getting a lot of nutrients that aren’t in regular men’s multivitamins, you might also be skimping out on other nutrients that you need. For example, men need more zinc than women, while women need more iron than men.



The average Care/of multivitamin pack starts at $20 a pack and varies depending on your nutritional needs. Care/of vitamins are individually priced from $5-8 a month. One of the great things about Care/of, is that you aren’t locked down to their recommendations. You can always opt to remove and add certain vitamins/minerals to your pack.


The price is a modest $30 a month for 60 capsules. Shipping is always free.


I’m convinced. Care/of and Ritual are both amazing multivitamin choices in my book. If you’re someone who’s looking for a simple and clean multivitamin, Ritual is your pick. However if you want a multivitamin personalized to your lifestyle and nutritional needs, Care/of would be best for you. Check with your doctor if taking a multivitamin is right for you.

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by Insider Envy Staff


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