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Well I’m a dancer, yoga teacher, and personal trainer that eats perfectly so who needs vitamins? That’s what I’d like to think of myself, but I know my secret truth. Yes, I’m careful of what I put into my body and I’m hyper-conscious when it comes to doing or ingesting anything regularly. But it can be difficult to travel and maintain optimal nutrition with all that goes on in life.

When I have the time, I’ll do a hair mask, sprout my own nut, and maybe dehydrate some left over bananas. Other weeks I won’t get out of the office until sundown. Some days, I can feel a wave of depression come over from a lack of Vitamin D of B12 in my vegan diet. So when I heard about Care/of from one of my studio regulars, I decided to give Care/of a try.


Care/of is a monthly vitamin subscription service that personally tailors the right vitamin and supplements for you. Care/of’s philosophy is that everyone’s diet and lifestyle are different. Therefore vitamins and supplements tailored to you are the most effective to help you reach your health goals. Transparent through their entire supply chain from source to final product, Care/of makes sure each ingredient is sourced and produced with thought and care.


More isn’t always better. I liked that I was able to choose specific supplements rather than take a multivitamin. That way, if I know I’m getting enough calcium and vitamin D by blending spinach into my almond milk smoothie in the morning, I won’t have to take a particular supplement. Deficiency and overdose are two big no-no’s: balance is key.

Sign-Up Process

Nutrition is not a one-pill fit all category. At first, I was pretty skeptical about this computer-generated vitamin prescription. That was until I saw the recommended items. For someone who considers herself to be a health guru, to be honest I was pretty humbled by Care/of’s personalize quiz. I was able to analyze not only my personal health but also find products I actually wasn’t even aware of like their algae omega pill.

Service & Delivery

Care/of offers free shipping on orders over $20. You can adjust and cancel your pack at anytime. I also like the option to add different vitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics after receiving Care/of’s own recommendation. It was nice that I wasn’t locked down into one multivitamin pill. Instead I could check with my doctor to see if Care/of’s recommendations were a well rounded selection according to my blood test results and diet. I want to live my best life, you know? I was excited to try out my ashwangandha and vegan omegas.


I’m a fan of knowing the supplements you are taking and not taking anything unnecessary or in excess. That’s exactly the design of Care/of. I like that I can take the small packages on the go with me and have an extra stash at the office, home, and gym bag. Care/of includes the most thoughtful packaging that remind me of opening tea bags. It feels good to know every time I open a vitamin pack, it’s fully personalized to me, my needs, my diet, and me!


I’m a firm believer of washing your body from the inside (which means drinking a lot of water), eating a regular diet of nutrient dense wholesome foods, and regular movement to long-term health and happiness. However, when I’m not able to properly meal plan I make sure to take supplements to meet my daily dietary needs. Check with your doctor to see if these supplements are right for you. With my vitamin B12 levels being on the lower end, I make sure to keep take my Care/of packs close.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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