Just Food For Dogs Review


I’m a single dog mom to a Frenchie named Louis. Sometimes, I jokingly refer to him as ‘King Louis the Frenchie.’ He loves fresh food, and knows quality when he tastes it, which is why I feed him freshly made dog meals from subscription services like Ollie. Over the years, we’ve tried out nearly every dog subscription service, so we know our way around the doggie wellness scene. One of the subscription services we’ve tried in the past is Just Food for Dogs.

The Story

Based in Irvine, CA, Just Food For Dogs was created by Shawn Buckley for his two pups, Simon and Nala, after he realized what commercial dog food was made from: by-products, preservatives, toxic chemicals, and worse. When he did more research, Shawn realized that the majority of dog food was provided by 5 major companies, making it a monopolized industry with little care for the animals it served. Shawn decided to change that. He educated himself further on dog nutrition and the dog food industry, and set out to found Just Food For Dogs, a business dedicated to truth, honesty, reason, and fact.

Behind the Scenes

Making Just Food For Dogs was a group effort. Along with Shawn, there is an entire team of nutritionists, business partners, pet chefs, and most importantly, dog lovers. Meals are handmade in small batches from USDA certified meats, vegetables, and whole grains at one of their ‘dog kitchens’ located in California, and then vacuum sealed and frozen before being sent to you and your pup! Just Food For Dogs offers customizable meal plans for healthy dogs, vet prescribed diets for sick dogs, gluten-free options, supplements, and treats created by veterinary specialists for your dogs health.

I’ve tried making Louis’ food by hand in the past, and it’s a huge time commitment that I don’t have as a single dog mom who works during the week. For me, subscription dog meals like Ollie and Just Food For Dogs have really helped to free up my time while still providing Louis with healthy food he loves.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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