5 Tips to Help Your Dog Live a Longer Life


No one said being a pet parent was easy. When you’re trying to make your loved ones as happy as possible, it can be difficult to really understand how your pup feels. If you want to spend every waking moment with your dog, there are definitely a couple things you can do to help your dog live a longer more fulfilling life. While certain dog breeds live longer than others, here are a couple tips to keep your dog young and healthy.

1. A healthy diet goes a long way

Studies show that dogs who have restricted calorie diets live longer. Overfeeding your dogs snacks and treats can be harmful as obese dogs are more likely to develop heart disease and joint problems. Make it a rule of thumb to read the nutrition label to avoid chemicals and preservatives found in commercial dog food. Invest in high-quality health conscious dog foods like Ollie that care about your dog’s health and not just your wealth.

2. Exercise helps you live longer too

Exercising with your dog is a win-win because exercise can help you live longer as well. Regular physical activity keeps dogs happy by lowering stress and increasing endorphins. When walking your dog, consider taking it up a notch to raise your dog’s heartbeat or simply lengthen walks to promote more activity. Socializing with other dogs is also a good way to reduce stress and improve quality of life.

3. Mindfulness

The above two are givens, but mindfulness for dogs is a sneaky good one. Expanding mindfulness practices to include your dog can give birth to a sort of emotional psychic connection between you and your lovie. Take a breathe and take a moment to be mindful of your dog’s mood and stress levels. Stress makes dogs more prone to age and illness so it’s important to keep tabs on your dog’s general emotional wellness to keep your dog relaxed and anxiety free.

4. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical

Dogs can become depressed and anxious just like people. By keeping your dog’s mind active by training, socializing, and loving your dog, you give your dog’s brain the regular exercise it needs to stay healthy. Practicing new tricks challenges dogs to use their brains in different ways and keeps their minds in shape. If your dog is older, try advanced obedience lessons or a dog sport. Daily stimulus and one-on-one attention is key to communicating your love and appreciation for your pup!

5. Go to the vet for regular check-ups

Annual check-ups are a must to spot any potential problems that may be present early on. Older dogs should visit the vet twice a year for preventative care to detect and resolve issues as soon as possible. Dental hygiene should also be included when considering dog health. Brushing teeth is essential to avoid bacterial infections like periodontal disease that have been linked to heart disease and organ damage. Just like humans, poor canine oral hygiene can also lead to plaque and gingivitis.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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