5 Tips to Prevent Razor Bumps

We here at InsiderEnvy have decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No more razor bumps that make us feel embarrassed about our skin. Whether you’re a man trying to get a clean neck shave or woman who is trying to get smooth legs, these shaving tips and techniques will help you remove and prevent those pesky razor bumps.

1. Shaving with the grain

Many want to get the closest shave they can. As a result, they shave against the grain. STOP. According to WebMD, shaving against the grain allows hairs to be cut beneath the skin. Once this happens, the hair will continue to grow into the skin and create razor bumps. Therefore, get a razor with multiple blades and replace the blades consistently to get that smooth shave. To map the grain of your hair, use a credit card, and run it across your beard. The direction you feel resistance, is where you’re going against the grain.

2. Rub in your shaving cream

A lot of men and women will just throw or dab on shaving cream before they start to shave, which prevents the shaving cream from fully softening your skin before you shave. Instead, get the blood flowing by massaging in your shaving cream into your skin. This will help warm up both your skin and the shaving cream to give you a smoother shave. If you want to take it to the next level, look into buying a designated shaving brush.

3. Using a Men’s razor (for women)

We’ve done our research and found that a lot of women have started to switch over to men’s razors. Why the change you might be wondering? Well men’s razors tend to have more tightly-packed blades, making it better to cut and groom thick facial hair. This makes men’s razors more efficient compared to women’s razors since they are able successfully shaving down single areas without having to go over a spot more than once. Just as this female reporter from the Huffington Post explained, “The main difference I noticed when I switched was how incredibly close of a shave I get with the men’s blade and how much longer that freshly shaved feeling lasts before any stubble comes in. I also don’t need to replace the blade as often since it somehow doesn’t get dull as quickly as my Venus blade did.”

4. Top Razors for Bumps

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best blades out there for you to get a clean shave while protecting against razor bumps. These razors all come with several blades packed tightly together, so that you don’t have to repeatedly shave over the same areas.

5. Exfoliation

After you’ve gotten a nice shave in with one of these excellent razors, the final step is to exfoliate. Exfoliating is key to preventing ingrown hairs because as your skin regenerates, it grows over trapped hair-coils, giving you that reddish inflamed appearance. Exfoliating the shaven ares will cause the hairs to be released from the skin and allow them to grow outward, making your next shave even easier and your skin even softer. Goodbye razor bumps!

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by Insider Envy Staff

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