Ritual vs. Persona

Recently, it seems the health world has been exploding with new vitamin and supplement options. As consumers, we must choose between countless brands, each claiming a unique benefit to our health. Two brands that have come to the forefront of this vitamin frenzy are Ritual and Persona. Each offers a very different approach to nutrition – Ritual provides an all-in-one super vitamin with clean ingredients, while Persona offers a curated vitamin pack, personalized for each individual. Want to know more? We explored each product in depth to help make your choice a little easier.


Product: Personalized Vitamin Packs

Persona, formerly known as Vitamin Packs, has recently gone through a total brand revamp, changing everything from their name to their health questionnaire algorithm. Upon arriving at Persona’s website, I was prompted to take this new 5-minute assessment to receive a personalized vitamin pack recommendation. They asked about my diet, health conditions, mood, exercise, and overall health goals.

Then, came the moment of truth: my results. Persona breaks their results down into various preformed “packs”. I was recommended “Foundation Formula” and “Digestive Balance Support”. Within each pack, Persona also will give you a personalized recommendation on which specific vitamins you should be taking. For example, in my “Foundation Formula” pack, I had 2 multi-vitamins, Omega 3, and Tumeric, but no Calcium & Magnesium, which is usually included in the pack.


Beyond these two packs, Persona showed me a few secondary packs that I was not recommended, including “Mood Support”, “Healthy Gut Support” and “Greens Support 1”. I wish they had provided a little more explanation as to why I was recommended some of these and not others, but I assume it’s all based on my survey.

Pricing: Flexible

Before check out on the Persona website, I had the option to add any secondary packs to my order, even though they were not in my core recommendation. I also had the option to pick and choose which (if any) of my recommended packs I wanted to purchase. I love this flexibility with Persona – they give you a recommendation, but in the end you can purchase whatever your heart (and wallet) desires.

For just my recommended packs, my total came to $38.42 (this is after the 30% discount for first orders, with shipping). But, as my wallet said no to this price, I decided to just go with the Digestive Balance Support pack, which brought my total down to $21.92 for the first month. Not bad for 3 different vitamins. All the different packs range in prices, and some are as low as $3. I just happened to be recommended the two most expensive packs… coincidence?

Conclusion: Vitamins for YOU, and only YOU

Persona specializes in personalized and flexible vitamin regimens, that work differently for each person. I love personalized products, because it feels like I am getting a unique experience that is designed only for ME. However, Persona also allows you to adjust your purchase after they give a recommendation, giving you the freedom to make your own choices for your body and your wallet.


Product: Transparent Multivitamins with Clean Ingredients

Just from looking at a picture of a Ritual vitamin, I can understand why this product has been commanding the attention of health nuts. Each multivitamin is transparent, filled with nutrients you can see.

Ritual was created by Katerina Schneider, who during her pregnancy realized that most of the products in her life used ingredients she disapproved of, including her prenatal vitamins. She then sought out to create a product that she could feel good about, and came up with Ritual.

On Ritual’s website, I was quickly convinced that this vitamin is one of the best out there. It is vegan, gluten and allergen free, non-GMO, has a no nausea design, and more. Even more, Ritual lays out a full list of every high quality ingredient in one of their vitamins, and provides information on the benefits. With this vitamin, you know exactly what you’re getting!

Pricing: $30/month

Ritual charges $30/month for a bottle of their vitamins. A little steep, but there’s always free shipping and no membership free. It’s also super easy to pause or cancel your subscription at any point if you decide you don’t want to continue with the service. And, if you don’t like Ritual, they’ll give you the first month free, so it’s pretty low risk to give it a shot.

Conclusion: Feel Good About What You’re Putting in Your Body

Ritual is all about transparency, literally and figuratively. Every ingredient in their vitamins is laid out right before my eyes, so I know exactly what I am taking. On top of that, I love Katerina’s story behind starting Ritual, and I trust that she has done her research to find only the cleanest ingredients that will allow my body to thrive.

Which Brand Wins?

And the winner is…honestly, both.

Both these vitamins are great, they just provide different benefits. If you want a product tailored to your needs specifically, Persona is your brand. Persona is great for people with individual health concerns or specific health goals. Ritual on the other hand, is great for people who care about high quality ingredients and clean living. If you want to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, Ritual is definitely the right choice for you.

Good luck choosing between these two, it’s tough!

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by Insider Envy Staff

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