Best Dog Food for Weight-Loss


Overweight dogs are at risk for a wide range of diseases and life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Joint complications and respiratory problems can severely impact your dog’s quality of life – not to mention lower life expectancy! Make sure to check nutrition labels to dodge all brands with preservatives and chemicals that may be cancerous and harmful to your dog.

Check out our pet picks for the best dog food for weight-loss to help you find the best food for your pup!

1. Ollie

Ollie is the vet-formulated miracle dog food that is attracting celebrities like Serena Williams to invest in dog health. Handmade in small batches at a USDA regulated facility, Ollie’s meal plans are customized to dogs’ breed, weight, activity, and allergies to promote healthy weight and in turn, a longer life. Formulated by a team of specialized nutritionists, Ollie’s dog food is free of additives, chemicals, fillers, preservatives, growth hormone, antibiotics, and anything synthetic. Ollie makes weight-loss easy for dogs with pre-portioned meals delivered straight to your door step. Ollie’s dog food also helps dog’s transition with a free-probiotic pack.

2. Stella and Chewy’s

While handmade dog food with nutrient-packed ingredients is preferable, traveling with dog food can be troublesome for freshness and storage. Dry dog food is a cheap and convenient alternative, though you’ll have to be careful of purchasing over-processed kibble packed with additives and fillers (which are often recalled). We recommend Stella and Chewy’s dog food. A company rooted in raw philosophy, Stella and Chewy’s offers high-quality dog food in the form of freeze-dried patties and raw-coated kibble.

3. Pet Plate

Founded by a pet food consultant Renaldo Webb, Pet Plate was featured on the reality TV show, Shark Tank. Similar to Ollie, Pet Plate is a meal delivery service that brings ready-to-eat dog food to your door.  All natural and made with fresh ingredients, Pet Plate offers pre-portioned meals to help dogs’ weight management. Packaged for your convenience and designed by a vet nutritionist, Pet Plate sends you everything you need to build healthy eating habits to start your dog’s weight loss journey!

Transitioning for success

Talk to your vet about creating a weight-loss plan for your dog. Remember, diet and exercise are key to help your dog shed those extra pounds. Taking regular walks and socializing your dog with other dogs can be an easy way to help burn calories and release stress. Be supportive by speaking to your family members about limiting treats. We’ve all been there, but your dog’s life is more important than a short and immediate gratification.

Update: Ollie is extending a limited time offer to our readers. Receive 50% off your first box of Ollie.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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