Best Vitamin C Foods

One of those most talked-about nutrients is Vitamin C. It’s essential in our diets to protect our immune systems, build heart strength, improve vision, and support skin health. However, unless you’re taking Vitamin C supplements, it’s likely you’re not getting enough Vitamin C in your diet. Add these 5 foods into your meals and you’ll be eating enough Vitamin C in no time!

1. Bell peppers

These colorful snacks contain nearly 3 times more Vitamin C than an orange. Bell peppers have a healthy dose of fiber as well. They can be eaten alone, in a stirfry or with your favorite dip.

2. Chili peppers

A half cup of chili peppers delivers 108 mg of Vitamin C. For those with an active lifestyle, chili peppers have an added bonus as they also help relieve joint and muscle pain.

3. Kale

This famous nutrition powerhouse delivers a healthy dose of Vitamin C, along with Vitamins A and K. You can toss some kale into any smoothie or salad to give yourself a quick jolt of Vitamin C!

4. Brussels Sprouts

These vegetables are chock-full of cancer-preventing nutrients and fiber, along with a solid serving of Vitamin C. You can roast them with other veggies, shave them into a salad, or eat them plain to add some Vitamin C into your diet!

5. Pineapple

Not only does pineapple deliver Vitamin C into your diet, but it also helps your stomach break down food and reduce bloat. A sweet treat, pineapples can be added to salsa, fruit salad, or smoothie.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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