Dollar Shave Club vs Harry’s

Going to the store to be razors are a thing of the past. Companies like DollarShaveClub and Harry’shave built services that send shaving supplies directly to your door at low prices. With strong marketing behind both companies, it can be difficult to decide which company to go with. At InsiderEnvy, we’ve decided to break through their fancy ads and get into the nit-gritty of which prescription shave service is the best.



DollarShaveClub and Harry’s both have their differences in terms of price. DollarShaveClub offers 3 different prices for the type of razor you’re interested in. As alluded into the compay’s name, the cheapest razor called “The Humble Twin” comes at a price of $1 a month for 5 cartridges to be shipped to your door (plus a $2 shipping and handling charge). Their mid-range razor comes at $6 a month for 4, 4–bladed razor cartridges called “The 4x”. Their most expensive razor, which can be seen above, is “The Executive”, which comes at $9 every month.

Harry’s on the other hand only comes one option for razors, that will cost $9 a month for 4 blades. For Harry’s though, you can specify how often you shave and then Harry’s will send you new razors based on this information, whereas for DSC, you will always get a new pack of razors each month. Therefore, if you only shave 2 to 4 times a week, then Harry’s will send you new blades every 6 weeks.
Depending on the razor you pick from DSC or the plan you pick from Harry’s, the amount you pay each month will vary. So in terms of pricing, we’re going to declare this a tie.

Winner: Tie


Starter Kits

If this your first time trying one of these services, you’re probably wondering what comes with the starter kit. Starting off with the DSC, the starter kit comes at $6 and includes an “Executive” razor, 4 razor cartridges, and DSC’s own shave butter as can be seen above. This comes at a very affordable price (as the shave butter alone costs $7.60). Although the starter kit is simple, it ticks off all of the boxes for what you need to get shaving.

For Harry’s, we see right off the bat that the starter kit for Harry’s is priced higher compared to DollarShaveClub. At $10, the Harry’s starter kit comes with one Truman handle, Foaming Shave gel, a travel cover, and one German engineered 5 blade razor cartridge. One thing that i found disappointing is that you only get one razor cartridge with this box, whereas for DSC you get four. Although I do think the travel protector is a nice touch, it does not take away from the main purpose of the product which is shave and it would be better if they offered more cartridges at this price.

Winner: DollarShaveClub



The DSC razors have a more “sporty” look to them. They have a similar feel to the Gillette razors. If you’re used to that, then you’ll feel comfortable with the grip and thickness of their blade. The Executive also comes with an edge trimmer that will help you smooth through your sideburns, lips, or any other difficult to reach spot. The handle also has an easy lever to push to help you pop out the old razor cartridge.

Harry’s on the other hand, looks more sophisticated in its design. The handle is nimble, and comes with a smooth rubber that runs throughout the base. The feel of the Harry’s razor feels more like a precision trimmer rather than a razor blade. The original cartridges used to not come with an edge trimmer on the back, but Harry’s has recently added this in after receiving customer feedback (which shows that they are open to feedback). The blades in the Harry’s cartridge bezels are also quite thin, which allows hair to get rinsed out of it easier. Also, we love how were able to customize the handle color to fit in with whatever our aesthetic is.

Winner: Harry’s



As I locked in a brand new razor cartridge onto the Executive razor, I started to lather my face up with DSC’s shave butter to prepare for the first shave. I was very suprised with how close and smooth of a shave I was able to get with “the Executive” razor. It was able to glide through my skin and I finished the shave feeling oh so fresh and smooth. The shave butter was also a pleasant touch as it felt nicer on my face compared to traditional shaving cream. The quality of blades felt strong and sleek throughout the entire process.

With Harry’s, I really enjoyed the handle of the razor in my hand. It feels different compared to any other razor i’ve used in the past. The blade also ran smoothly on my face, but I did not get as close of a shave with it compared to the Executive razor. I had to go over certain areas of my face more than once. The thinner blades on the Harry’s razor did seem to allow the leftover hair and shaving cream to easily be cleaned out from the blades, which was a nice touch. Overall, DSC did give me a better shave with less effort.

Winner: DSC



Both of these brands aren’t exclusive to shaving; they offer an array of different products to try and take care of all of your needs.

Harry’s seems to maintain the sleek and sophisticated branding throughout their entire product line. We’re a big fan of their body wash (the fig in particular). DollarShaveClub has similar to products to Harry’s, but offers even more in terms of product line.

Unlike Harry’s, DSC has also entered into the oral care business. They keep their funny and engaging branding in each of their different product segments. They also stand out with one of their signature products, the “One Wipe Charlies” because why shouldn’t your bottom also enjoy the royal treatment.

Winner: DSC


The final winner is…. DollarShaveClub

Although their product design does not stray from the old guard look, their overall product is a great value and has all the bases cover when it comes to personal hygiene and grooming. Especially when it came down to the most important section, the shave, DSC was the clear winner.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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