The Farmer’s Dog Review


After years of our kids begging, my husband and I are finally giving in. We’re getting a dog. A female Rottweiler, to be specific. The problem is, neither of us have owned a pet before. My husband’s parents weren’t animal people, and my brother and I were too busy to take care of a dog growing up.

My family lives a healthy lifestyle. We exercise almost every day, and eat fresh and organic food. I knew that if we got a dog, I would want it to live the same life as us, but we’re also really busy, so I knew I wouldn’t have time to make my dog’s food myself. So I did my research.

It turns out there are lots of healthy meal subscription services out there for dogs. In New York alone, there’s Ollie, Pet Plate, and The Farmer’s Dog. After going over our options, my husband and I decided to try out the The Farmer’s Dog first.

I know there’s probably a lot of new pet owners out there looking for information on feeding their dogs, so I wanted to share some of the reasons I chose the Farmer’s Dog for our new pup.

My husband and I are proudly from Brooklyn, which where The Farmer’s Dog is made. We always try to support local business, so it was a no brainer for us to choose The Farmer’s Dog for our soon-to-be pup.

The Farmer’s Dog is made with USDA certified ingredients, so its quality is unquestionable. Dog meals are delivered within days of being made, so everything’s super fresh. Because of all of that, it’s more pricey than your average dog food, but in the end, I think it’ll help our puppy to be healthier and happier.

Brett, the founder, owns a Rottweiler himself! So we know the food will fit the breed of our dog. However, Farmer’s Dog can be custom-made for any dog size, so if you own anything from a bulldog to a terrier, you’ll be covered.

As a subscription, it’s convenient and easy. Our family is always on the move. We subscribe to Blue Apron, a human meal subscription, for ourselves, so doing the same for our dog seemed natural. This way, we’ll never forget to stock up on dog chow.

My husband and I are both really relieved to have figured out how we’ll be feeding our soon-to-be Rottweiler girl…now we just need to come up with a name everyone likes!

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by Insider Envy Staff

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