The Art Of No Shave November

Besides looking like Bigfoot and annoying your mom/significant other, what’s the point?


No Shave November is about creating awareness for men’s health issues, more specifically cancer since many patients lose their hair during treatment. The movement was started in Australia and 2003, and is now recognized internationally (thank you, internet). The charities involved encourage you to donate the money you spend on grooming equipment that month to a worthy cause. The Movember Foundation has raised $580 million in charitable donations up to this point.

An excuse to annoy your mom and raise awareness? Looks like Christmas came early!


How do I make it through November with so much hair?

First and foremost, our ancestors never shaved and they were just fine; they had bigger things to worry about, like saber-tooth tigers and the common cold. I have faith in you all, but here’s some advice so you can contribute to an awesome cause and tradition.

1. Friends! I find that this is much more fun and much easier if you do it with a group of friends. Have everyone throw in $20, and if you shave you lose it. No Shave November makes for pretty awesome group chat humor, especially if you have someone who couldn’t grow a beard if they tried. I do it every year with my friends from college and it’s a great way to stay in touch.

2. Treat Your Beard/Mustache like Royalty Beards can get pretty itchy and overall difficult to deal with. A way to improve your experience is to comb and moisturize. I know this might sound ridiculous, but it made a huge difference for me. You can use the conditioner you use on your hair, or go all out and get a facial hair care kit.

3. Rinse after Exercise/the Ocean This is especially important if you’re just growing out your beard. If you get salt in your beard, it can drive you insane and almost force you to shave. I know what you’re thinking, how does James Harden do it? I think he’s at a whole other level of beard at this point, and problems that us simpletons experience don’t concern him.


Inhairently Important

This really is an awesome cause, and I hope that all of you consider taking part in it next month. Plus, you might get a free beer if you find another unshaven friend in a bar.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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