Harry’s Review

Harry’s is one of the largest players in the subscription grooming market. It’s been around about as long as its very famous competitor, dollar shave club, and continues to be a great option for those of you looking for subscription razors.


What does Harry’s do?

Harry’s delivers high-quality razor blades to your door, avoiding the markup that retailers place on products and making them cheaper for consumers. Harry’s focuses on the shave everyday customer, and has a simple value proposition: awesome razors for less.


Harry’s offers grooming, face care, and body products. For the purpose of this review, we focused on the shaving/grooming department, which includes razors and pre/post shave gel. Harry’s offers 1 razor blade with 2 different handles: the Truman and the Winston. The former has a grippy plastic handle, while the latter has a chrome handle and a heavier/higher quality feel.

Subscription Box:

I ordered the Truman Set with an additional Winston razor handle to give you a full product review. The box arrived on time and came with the truman razor, 3 blade cartridges, foaming shave gel, and a travel cover to protect the extra blades.

Will I Still Be Hairy After Harry’s?:

Thankfully no! In terms of quality, Harry’s razors compete with offerings from the major brands, and are significantly cheaper. I liked both razor handles, and for something that you’re going to use consistently, the Winston is worth the extra cost. I liked having a little more weight in my hand, and the silver handle is pretty sweet. Their shaving cream was awesome, and definitely added to the overall experience. I think the travel cover is unnecessary, but it’s a nice touch and I know some people that love it.


Truman Set: $15
Winston Set: $25
They also sell their products as standalones if you’d rather not deal with a subscription box. You can check out the prices for their products here.

Should I choose Harry’s?:

If you’re looking for a high quality grooming option for a low cost, Harry’s is a great choice. I recommend that you also check out dollar shave club before making your decision. They’re both great and are pretty darn similar; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either one and you’ll be saving money regardless.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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