The 5 Best Razors for Men

In market saturated with different products, it’s tough to know which is the right tool to get you that smooth, clean shave. From dollar razors at your local liquor store to subscription packages that get sent straight to your door, where you even begin in the hunt for the right razor for you?

At Insider Envy, we’ve decided to take the time to help you find the best razor for your face. We’ve highlighted our top 6 best razors for men, so you can start looking forward to your morning shave, knowing that your in route to silky-smooth face.

Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor


This best selling razor has not only provides a truly stylish look, but it packs a short, extra thick handle and a heavy head that lets the razor do all of the work for you. It comes with a replaceable double-edged blade that provides a consistent shave from start to finish. It slices through hair instantly and the matte finish ensures long-term durability. Merkur has been in the shaving business for more than a century, so they definitely know how to make a top-end razor.


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DollarShaveClub The Executive

$9.00 (monthly)

DSC has made its name as a disrupter in a highly saturated market with it’s strong selection of high-quality razors at an affordable price. At only $9 a month, you get a razor shipped straight to your door once a month with 4 new razors cartridges, meaning one new razor per week. Say goodbye to those dull razors that would always start your day off on the wrong note. The Executive is packed with 6 stainless steel blades, and is called “a personal assistant for your face.” We like that description.

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The Art of Shaving Lexington Collection 5 Blade Power Razor


If there’s one razor to transform your life, The Art of Shavin Collection Power Razor is a technologically advanced razor takes a high-tech approach to shaving. The razor uses electricity power to generates micro-pulsations that seamlessly slice through facial hair. The flexball provides an effortless transition across the contours in your face while increasing effectiveness for a close shave. Stubbles are easily a thing of the past. It’s battery replaceable, and is powered with a single AAA battery.

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Gillette Fusion5 Fusion ProGlide Power with FlexBall Technology


The most well-known razor brand has introduced a game-changer with its new Fusion 5 Proglide Power. This razor has the flexibility to carry out the cleanest and smoothest shaves. The FlexBall Technology is able to rotate around each area of your face and does aways with the frustrations of tugging and pulling. The electronic power of the ProGlide Power is also a big change up for Gillette, as it sends micropulses to the skin to reduce friction that’s powered on a single AAA battery. Gillette also produces a non-electric version of this razor that’s still packed in with it’s flexball technology which you can find here.

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Harry’s Truman Razor

$9.00 (Monthly)

This five-bladed razor does a great job of gliding through facial hair. It’s a first-rate razor with a German-engineered blade system and it’s designed with a cartridge that features a “Gothic Arch” blade. This positions the blade 30 to 45 degrees for maximum shaving control. It’s also got a nourishing strip infused with Aloe Vera and vitamin E to hydrate your skin as you shave. It’s handle also comes in multiple colors (orange, blue, olive) to fit each customers personality. Similar to DollarShaveClub, they have a subscription service where they’ll send you 4 new blades every month.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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