Best Razors for Women

While shaving may be one of the worst parts of every week (or month), when the time comes, it’s important to have a razor that gets the job done well. Achieving those silky smooth legs is harder than it seems, and the right razor can make all the difference. Every woman has something different she’s looking for in a razor, so we compiled our favorite picks for everything from closest shave to best budget buy.

Closest shave: Venus Swirl

The Venus Swirl has 5 contour razor blades with MicroFine combs to ensure that no hair is left untouched. Even more, this razor has special Flexiball technology that helps the razor curve into those hard to reach areas. Get ready for some seriously hairless legs after using this razor.

Sensitive skin: Schick Intuition Sensitive Care

For those of us who have sensitive skin, shaving can cause awful irritation and bumps. Luckily, Schick’s Intuition Sensitive Care razor is hypoallergenic, enriched with Vitamin E, and has an aloe moisture bar to calm easily irritated skin.

Most moisture: Venus Comfort Glide with Olay

This combination of Venus and Olay may be the smoothest duo out there. The Olay moisture bars add a whole new level of hydration to your shaving experience, making this razor an easy winner for our most moisture category.

Budget buy: BIC silky touch 3 disposable razor

If you’re looking for a razor that will get the job done for cheap, we recommend BIC Silky Touch 3disposable razors. You get 8 razors for $3.99. Enough said.

Subscription: Angel Shave Club

Say hello to the first shave club for women! Angel Shave Club offers a customizable subscription to their shaving products. You just choose your blades, pick how often you want deliveries, and your razors will be sent to your house.

Not just for the guys: Harry’s Truman Set

To be totally honest, guys razors work just as well as women’s razors. They’re great for tough hair and have durable blades. If you’ve been eyeing the Harry’s Truman Set like we have, just go for it!

Bikini line: Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle

The Hydro Silk TrimStyle is a 2 in 1 razor and bikini trimmer, which is majorly convenient for those beach days. This razor also has a hypoallergenic moisturizing serum, which helps heal your skin after shaving. Say goodbye to bikini line bumps!

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by Insider Envy Staff

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