5 Life Changing Hacks for Dog Owners In Quarantine

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With COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in effect for around 90% of Americans, we’re all spending a lot more time in our homes. For dog owners, this means fulfilling a secret lifelong dream – more quality time than ever before with our furry friends. But let’s admit it – being a dog owner is not always face licks and couch cuddles. Especially now, dog owners everywhere are running into obstacles as they avoid going outside for walks, to pick up food, or to meet up with other friendly dogs. Here are 5 hacks for you and your dog to make life much easier during social distancing:

1. Avoid trips to the vet and the pet store with fresh dog food delivered to your door.

This is the number one hack to keeping you and your dog healthy while social distancing. Also, have you ever wondered what’s in the kibble you’ve been feeding your dog? It turns out many of the leading kibble brands have been linked by the FDA to long-term health issues in dogs. New dog food delivery companies like Ollie take the thinking out of the equation by offering human grade dog food delivered directly to your door.

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2.  Keep your pup busy inside with a puzzle toy.

Best Puzzle Toys For Pets

If your dog is starting to go stir crazy with fewer walks and games of fetch, order one of these puzzle toys to stimulate their curiosity! Trust us, this will keep them happily entertained for hours. 

3. Train your dog to start using potty pads.


Youtube: How To Train Your Dog With Potty Pads

You can house train your dog at any age – not only when they are puppies. Here are some helpful tips to quickly train your dog to go inside without the mess!

4. Calm them down during thunderstorms with dryer sheets.

Youtube: Maymo.
Warmer weather is coming our way and with it – thunderstorms. It turns out that a lot of dogs who get nervous during thunderstorms are actually reacting to the elevated static in the air. Thankfully, you probably have dryer sheets around the house; which are great at reducing static. Patting your dog down with a few of these sheets can help relieve their stress.

5. Make sure your dog takes their medicine with homemade pill pockets.

An American Housewife
First, make sure you have extra supply of your pet’s medication to avoid unnecessary visits to the vet during social distancing. If your dog turns their nose up at vital medicine, trick them with a homemade pill pocket. Mix peanut butter, milk, and flour into small balls and then create an indent with a chopstick to create a pocket for the pills. They can be easily stored in the fridge or freezer for whenever you might need them.

In summary, dog owners can make social distancing a lot easier with these 5 simple tips:


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