5 Minute Healthy Meals: On the Go Smoothies

Two common pitfalls of unhealthy eating are not having time to cook a proper meal and snacking because your healthy meal has left you unsatisfied and hungry. On-the-go smoothies can help you overcome both of these challenges and keep your commitment to eating healthier. Read on to see how easy it is to incorporate these liquid meals into your weekly routine:


Speedy Essentials:

Pack your smoothie ingredients into mason jars ahead of time. Chop up the fruit and veggies and divide them into your mason jars. Store your jars in the freezer to slow the process of fruit turning to sugar.

Check to see if your mason jars screw into your blender- you may be able to blend up your meal straight from the jar! Let frozen fruit defrost before attempting this time-saving hack

To get the most health benefits from your smoothie meal, blend the ingredients the day of. Fruit quickly turns to sugar, so a two-day old smoothie is going to leave you feeling more wired than satisfied.

Mason jars provide the ideal premade portion size to make sure you aren’t overloading your smoothies. Avoiding overeating is the foundation to healthier eating and weight loss.

Start with the right base:

Protein is the key ingredient that will keep you feeling full and prevent you from reaching for unhealthy snacks a few hours later. The easiest way to incorporate protein is via a protein powder. Add in your protein before blending, do not store it in the fridge with your premade smoothie.

Here are the top proteins choices:

Whey Protein. This type contains 9 amino acids that your body can’t make on its own, including the amino acid leucine which will make you feel energized and powered up. It quickly enters the bloodstream so you’ll feel full and fueled fast. Whey is the best protein overall and is especially ideal if you have a demanding day, feel lethargic or tired, or will be working out.


Casein Protein.  Casein is the main protein in milk and provides you with 3 amino acids. This protein is absorbed the slowest, so it’s especially ideal for replacing meals because you’ll feel full for an even longer period than with whey protein. Casein is the ideal protein for weight loss.


Egg White Protein. If you don’t eat dairy, opt for egg white protein. It provides you with solid nutrients and digests slowly so you’ll feel satisfied. This protein has fewer amino acids than whey or casein protein so if you choose this option, try adding in some additional amino acid-rich ingredients like spirulina, pumpkin, hemp seeds or avocados.


Flavorful Ingredients:

To get the most health benefits from your smoothie, combine leafy greens with tasty fruits. Trust us, the flavor of the fruit will overpower the vegetables! Try to work your way up to a 2:1 green-fruit ratio. Avoid using ingredients that add in calories and sugar like yogurt or fruit juice. If you like thin smoothies use unflavored almond milk or unflavored greek yogurt. Opt for bananas if you like thick smoothies or are craving a smoothie bowl.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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