5-Step Plan to Dog Weight Loss


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Obesity rates are the highest they’ve ever been in America, and not just for humans – they’re affecting pups too! Over half of America’s dogs are overweight, and while everyone appreciates a chunky dog, what you might not realize is that extra weight puts your dog at risk for multiple health issues, including arthritis, diabetes, kidney and heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

The most important factor in your dog’s weight is its diet. Exercise does have an impact, but without a healthy diet, your dog won’t lose any weight. To make sure your dog is eating the right food, in the right amount, you should subscribe to dog meal subscription services like Ollie. This dog food subscription company provides you and your pup a step-by-step plan to get your dog back to its ideal weight, without all the fuss of forced dieting and veterinarian visits.

Step 1: Determining if your dog is overweight.

Many dog owners don’t know what the ideal weight for their dog looks like. According to Ollie, at an ideal weight dogs should have a raised stomach, with ribs that are easily felt, but not seen. Anytime your dog’s stomach sags it is overweight, and any time your dog’s ribs are visible from a distance, it is underweight.

Step 2: Calculating your pup’s calories.

Calculating your pet’s calories includes taking a lot of factors into account: weight, age, breed, gender, activity level, and whether or not your dog is spayed or neutered. Ollie takes care of the hard math and guesswork, calculating the calories your dog needs using the personal profile you fill out when signing up.

Step 3: Portion your pup’s meals.

Knowing how many calories your pup needs per day, and accurately feeding them are two separate issues. Incorrectly portioning your pup’s meals is a common problem among pup owners. To fix this, Ollie perfectly portions your pup’s meals using your personal profile, sending your meals with a customized feeding guide and serving spoon to make sure your pup isn’t eating too much (or too little).

Step 4: Replace carbs with proteins and veggies.

If you didn’t know, store-bought dry food is made using grains and other allergens (along with horrifying ingredients like dead, diseased, and dying animal products), filling it with empty calories that go straight to your dog’s fat deposits. Your dog should be eating fresh vegetables, proteins, fruits, and starches. These ingredients can be time-consuming and hard to prepare, which is where Ollie steps in. Ollie makes your dog’s meals from fresh, human-grade ingredients like sweet potato, spinach, chicken, peas, beef, blueberries, and lamb, so your dog gets the healthy fats, proteins, and carbs it needs.

Step 5: Supplement your pup’s meals.

Store-bought dry food doesn’t offer sufficient vitamins and minerals for your pup (and is actually bad for them). When you make homemade food from fresh ingredients, the results are better, but it’s time-consuming, and still can result in malnutrition if not portioned and made correctly. All Ollie meals include necessary minerals and vitamins like calcium, zinc, vitamin E, riboflavin, and more. They even offer a free probiotic pack with your first box to ensure an easy diet transition.

Feeding your dog right is the biggest part of taking care of your dog. Ollie’s fresh food plan is an easy way for you to make sure your dog is eating healthy, well-balanced meals that will keep them at (or help them to get to) their ideal weight, so you can spend many more years snuggling your furry friend. They currently offer a 20% discount on their website but you can get 50% off for a limited time through our link.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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