5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Formula for your Baby & Why ByHeart Stands Out

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By Insider Envy Staff

The choice of what to feed your baby is one of the most important decisions you make as a parent...

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is an exhilarating adventure, and as parents, you want nothing but the best for your baby. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how and what you’ll feed your baby. Fully breastfeeding may not be an option for everyone, and a quick stroll in the baby aisle of your local supermarket can bring up tricky questions about baby formula–should I choose original or sensitive? Cow’s milk or soy? What proteins does it have? In the vast market of baby formulas, the choices can be overwhelming, leaving you pondering which factors actually matter.

We did our research and found one formula that truly stands out from the others – ByHeart. As you go through this list, keep an eye out for the distinctive qualities that set them apart from other leading formulas.

1. Is the formula easy to digest?

Breast milk is naturally easy-to-digest, so shouldn’t all formulas be too? We think so, and the 50% of babies that switch formulas due to a perceived digestion issue probably agree. 

That’s why ByHeart designed a patented protein blend that gets closest to breast milk—with the 2 most abundant proteins found in breast milk, plus broken down proteins, all for a blend that’s clinically proven to be easy to digest versus a leading infant formula (which means less spit-up and softer poops!).

2. Did the formula company run their own clinical trial?

Did you know the last large clinical trial conducted on new infant formula was in 1995? New clinical trials are not required for infant formula if a brand is using an old recipe and not making any changes to it. However, real innovation comes from research and testing. That’s why ByHeart ran the largest clinical trial by a new infant formula brand in 25 years—and even compared their formula to breast milk (they’re actually the only new infant formula to do that). This means you can have confidence in ByHeart’s science-backed benefits .

3. Does the formula have milk fat?

When searching for baby formula, you’re bound to find skim or non-fat milk more often than not. Unlike skim, whole milk is full of natural, healthy fats that help support a baby’s cognitive development and growth. Breast milk doesn’t skim fats, so neither should formula! ByHeart is the only US-made infant formula to use organic, grass-fed, whole milk.

4. How is the formula produced?

ByHeart’s proprietary small batch process minimizes the time it takes to produce the formula in order to protect the integrity of the (healthy!) fats. Exposing these fats at a high heat for an extended period of time can actually impact the color, taste, texture and smell of the formula. Less time + less heat = small batch goodness.

In order to ensure their formula is made in only the very best conditions, ByHeart acquired and upgraded a manufacturing facility in Reading, PA—becoming only the 5th fully integrated, FDA-registered infant nutrition brand in the US (and the first new one in 15 years!).

5. Is the formula made with truly clean ingredients?

Anyone can say they’re “clean”, but you have to go a lot further to be certified-clean*. Not only does ByHeart directly source their ingredients from suppliers they personally know and trust — they’re the first infant formula company to receive Clean Label Project’s highest-tier Purity Award (and test for 700 contaminants, versus the required 400).

*Based on Clean Label Project, Purity Award certification

Meet ByHeart, an infant nutrition company built from the ground up to deliver real innovation on behalf of babies and parents.

Their mission is simple: make the best formula in the world. That’s why they studied the latest breast milk science, worked directly with suppliers they know and trust, set uncompromising quality standards, developed their own small batch blending process, built their own manufacturing facilities, and conducted a groundbreaking clinical trial. Their goal is to create a future where all parents feel amazing about feeding their baby—no matter how they do it.

Ready to shop ByHeart’s clinically proven*, award winning formula?

*Versus a leading infant formula

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