6 Easy Tips for Taming Frizz All Summer Long!

Frizz is no fun, especially when the temperature rises. Humidity, perspiration and other summertime factors can turn your lovely locks into a wild mess. The good news is that there are easy methods that you can use to tame the hair-beast and keep your look on point.


Frizz Free Tip 1: Keep Your Hair Conditioned

Make sure you use conditioner regularly to moisturize your hair. Look for a product that includes ingredients that will hydrate, like shea butter, as well as glycerin. When applying, start mid-shaft then apply down to the tips. If you are concerned about volume, avoid your roots. This will prevent the conditioner from weighing down your hair.


Frizz Free Tip 2: Add a Hydrating Mask to Your Routine

Hydrating hair masks are another good way to prevent frizzy fly-aways. This treatment should be done once per week during the summer (more often in winter when the air dries out). The mask will help fill in holes in the hair shaft while moisturizing, so you get a smoother look.


Frizz Free Tip 3: Beware of Over-Shampooing

Too much shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils which are needed to keep frizz at bay. Try to stick to shampooing two or three times a week. If you need a little something in between, use baby powder or dry shampoo or use conditioner only in the shower.


Frizz Free Tip 4: Use Less Heat on Your Hair

Styling tools that apply heat can cause damage that leads to frizz. Try to keep the temperature down as much as possible when using your tools. 365 degrees F is a good target temperature that will still get great results without causing excessive cuticle swelling.


Frizz Free Tip 5: Do Not Brush Dry

Brush your hair when it is wet then leave it alone as much as you can. Brushing hair when it is dry can disrupt the cuticle and cause stretching that turns into breaks. When combing after the shower, make sure to use a wide-tooth comb and brush from the roots up. Breakage means more frizz, and no one wants that!


Frizz Free Tip 6: Say No to Over-Processing

Over-processing your hair can cause brittleness that translates to more damage and frizz.  Processing includes any product or service meant to relax, straighten or color hair. The best approach is to go to a professional salon for your desired service. An expert will know how to prevent or minimize damage, so you get less frizz in the long-term. If you’re more of a DIYer, opt for natural products that shy away from harsh chemicals.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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