7 Life Hacks That Make Being A Dog Owner So Much Easier

Man embracing his dog


1. Put a ball in your dog’s food bowl if he or she eats too fast.

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If your pup scarfs down their meals a bit too fast, this is a perfect hack. You can use a softball, tennis ball, or any other sturdy ball you may already have in your home. They’ll be forced to move the ball around the bowl instead of scarfing it all down in one lick.

2. If your pet loses a toy while you’re traveling, make a makeshift one with a sock and an empty water bottle.

Irresistible Pets
This simple dog toy will keep your pup entertained no matter how long you’re on the road for.

3. Avoid extra trips to the vet and the pet store with fresh dog food delivered to your door.

Have you ever wondered what’s in the kibble you’ve been feeding your dog? It turns out many of the leading kibble brands have been linked by the FDA to long-term health issues in dogs. New dog food delivery companies like Ollie take the thinking out of the equation by offering human grade dog food delivered directly to your door.
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4. Calm them down during thunderstorms with dryer sheets.

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It turns out that a lot of dogs who get nervous during thunderstorms are actually reacting to the elevated static in the air. Thankfully, you probably have dryer sheets around the house; which are great at reducing static. Patting your dog down with a few of these sheets can help relieve their stress.

5. Tire out your dog faster by playing fetch downhill.

We all know that a game of fetch is a great way to tire out your high-energy pup. Standing at the top of the hill when you play, so that your dog is running up the hill to bring the ball back to you, is a great way to keep your furry friend even more active.

5. Use dish soap and vinegar as DIY flea removers.

Fleas are notoriously difficult to get rid of our furry friends’ luscious coats. Save yourself an expensive trip to the pet store by creating a DIY flea remover at home. Mix one part each of dish soap and vinegar with four parts warm water. Massage it in; and let your dog sit in water for about five minutes. Any fleas should float to the top of the water and die.

6. Keep your dog safe and in the back seat with a zip line harness

Does your dog always try to jump up to the front seat, whether or not there’s already a passenger there? This harness from Kurgo is the perfect solution.

7. Make sure your dog takes their medicine with homemade pill pockets.

An American Housewife
Does your dog turn their nose up at vital medicine? Trick them with a homemade pill pocket. Mix peanut butter, milk, and flour into small balls and then create an indent with a chopstick to create a pocket for the pills. They can be easily stored in the fridge or freezer for whenever you might need them.

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