Asked & Answered: Everything You Need to Know About Roman


What is Roman?

Roman is a digital healthcare service operating online. Roman offers men’s health support with medication/treatments specializing in erectile dysfunction treatment, testosterone support, and hair loss. 

How does Roman work?

To start treatment with Roman, a new patient selects the treatment they are interested in, then proceeds to a short form which asks questions regarding medical history. Responses are then reviewed by a Ro affiliated medical provider within 48 hours, who will determine if the patient is eligible for medication and, if so, what would be appropriate (medication and dose). Once a patient confirms the treatment plan, their medication is shipped with free 2-day shipping directly to their door.

Is any of the process in person?

No. 100% of Roman ED treatment is operated online with Ro-affiliated medical providers at your convenience. Roman provides everything necessary to fill out medical forms and orders, they’ll even send you your own blood pressure cuff if needed. Once a patient is enrolled in treatment, they can communicate with their provider with unlimited messaging, to ensure they are meeting their health goals. 

How much does it cost?

Treatment for erectile dysfunction starts at $4/dose, along with discreet, 2-day free shipping of medication to your door. Roman also offers free online consultations with a Ro-affiliated medical provider, as well as unlimited messaging with your provider.

What if my medication doesn't work for me?

With unlimited messaging with your provider, Roman works with you to modify your ongoing treatment to ensure you’re meeting your health goals. Service ensures continual check-ins throughout the year, and if you ever need to change your plan, you can do that easily in your Ro account.

What other products does Roman offer?

Although Roman specializes in erectile dysfunction (ED) medication, Roman also offers medication for testosterone support, hair loss, multivitamins, and more. Check out Roman products HERE.

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