Best Blue Blocking Glasses of 2019

Blue Blocking Glasses

What are blue blocking glasses and why do they matter?

Blue blocking glasses have become increasingly popular in the last five years and for good reason—a 2018 survey found that the average adult spends more than 11 hours a day looking at screens, with ~4 hours of that being on computers and smartphones. Millennials spend even more time looking at computers and smart phones with an average of over 4.5 hours /day.

These screens (along with other fluorescent and LED lights) emit a blue light that research has linked to sleep issues and disrupting the body’s circadian rhythm.

The idea behind blue blocking glasses is that they have special lenses which blocks this light that has become harmful and the volume that we now uses computers and smart phones.

Do blue blocking glasses really work?

 First, it’s worth noting that a recent Vision Council study found that 59% of adults suffer from some form of eye strain. So for the majority of US adults this is an issue. When dealing with eye strain there are a variety of effective ways to combat this issue, including, taking breaks during your work day, improving your work station’s ergonomic setup, and more.

That all said, blue blocking glasses are another highly effective way to reduce eye strain.

The way blue blocking glasses work is they have a high-quality anti-reflective coating, aimed at reducing glare on your eyes. In addition, the yellow tint that many blue blocking glasses contain, are meant to filter out harsher light spectrums to help your eyes relax better. So, in conclusion, buying blue blocking glasses shouldn’t be your only fix against eye strain, but it can help.

What do I need to know before buying blue blocking glasses?

  • Range of quality: The quality of blue blocking glasses has improved in the past 5 years. They can range from blocking 30% of blue light (within a range of nanometers) to 99.8% for some of the best glasses. As you would guess, more resistant glasses tend to cost more.
  • Wraparound vs Traditional: Some blue blocking glasses are wrap arounds, which helps protect your eyes from peripheral blue light and is useful if you are trying to block as much blue light as possible.
  • Traditional vs Fit Overs: If you wear prescription glasses you might want to buy fit overs, which slide over your normal glasses and are far less expensive than buying prescription blue blocking lenses.
  • Yellow/Amber Tints: Some blue blocking glasses are clear, others have a yellow or amber tint. The tint is used to filter additional light rays and therefore tinted glasses tend to reduce eye stress more; however, some people find them less attractive.
  • Price: Prices for blue blocking glasses can range from anywhere from $19 for a pair of fit overs to $100+ for a high-end pair.

What are the best blue blocking glasses? 

So, without further ado, here is our list of the best blue blocking glasses of 2019.

  1. Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Swanny Blue Blocking Glasses

What: Best all-around bluelight blocking glasses.

Why? The Swannies are high-end blue blockers, built to block ~98% of all blue light, while looking stylish. In addition, they are made with an acetate frame, spring hinges, and more making them both comfortable and durable glasses.

Color: Tinted amber lenses. Frames come in black or tortoise shell.

  1. Warby Paker Blue Light Lenses

Warby Parker Blue Lights

What: Most customizable blue light solution.

Why? Warby Parker is known for their wide variety of easy to try and buy frames and glasses. Now for just $50 more you can swap your standard Warby lenses with lenses built to block blue light.

  1. Biorhythm Safe Nighttime Wear Blue Blockers

What: Best nighttime all-encompassing blue blockers

Why? These stronger than average blue blocking glasses are built for nighttime use. Nighttime is particularly important for blue blocking in order to improve sleep. These glasses block 99.8% of blue light and cost a pretty reasonable $34.95.

  1. ElementsActive Fitover Blue Blockers

Fit Over Blue Blocking Glasses

What: Best fit over and most inexpensive blue blocker

Why? These fit overs block out 95% of blue light between 450 – 520 nm and cost just $22.85. These fit over normal prescription glasses and are a fantastic solution for anyone who is looking to block blue and not break the bank.

  1. Prospek 50 Clear Blue Blockers

Prospek 50 Blue Blocking Glasses

What: Best clear blue blocking glasses

Why? Clear blue blockers filter less blue light than other options on the markey. But, if you absolutely can’t stand (and refuse to wear) yellow or amber glasses, than these are certainly better than nothing. The Prospek 50 reports blocking up to 50% of blue light in the nm zone of disruption and they look great.

  1. Biorhythm Clip-on Blue Blockers

What: Best lightweight blue blockers

Why? These clip on glasses are perfect to travel with or bring to work and clip onto your normal glasses when necessary. These glasses block over 98% of light between 450 – 510 nm and only weigh .64 ounces.

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