Why Buying a Burrow Couch was My Gateway From College to Professional

Three years ago, I graduated from college and drove my old Acura Legend from Washington DC to San Francisco. When I landed on the West Coast, I did what every new San Franciscan does–I hustled my way to the best apartment I could find.

What this meant is that after 2 months of getting outbid by Google interns, I finally found a room that cost 40% of my salary and could barely fit a bed.  I had arrived.

Soon after moving in, my new roommates and I started buying furniture for the rest of the house. We got dishware from a local market, grabbed 4 chairs from someone moving out of a house two blocks down, and bought two couches for $15 and $65 respectively on Craigslist.

This had been our setup for the past three years, and while the old furniture never bothered me, I knew we could do better. The couches, in particular, were lumpy, uncomfortable, and screamed of college. So last month, my roommates and I decided it was time for an upgrade.

Burrow to the Rescue

As we began looking for new furniture, we decided that more than anything we wanted a comfortable, high-end couch. None of us are homebodies, but when we are at home, our couch is a central hangout–to watch Netflix, to eat dinner, and to catch-up.

At the start of our search, we discussed different options. First, there was IKEA, but that felt like taking a step back towards college rather than a step forwards. Next, there was West Elm, which one of our roommates called “IKEA for adults” (which is kind of an oxymoron, right?). But, none of us could get excited about renting a car and driving to West Elm to pay thousands of dollars for a generic looking couch.

Finally, one of my colleagues recommended Burrow. I had never heard of Burrow before, but it reminded me of Casper, where I’d bought my bed.

Burrow offers free shipping and a 30-day trial, so if we didn’t like it we could return it with no strings attached. We read the website, checked out the reviews, and decided to give it a shot. I wondered if the product would be as modern, comfortable, and stylish in-person as the reviewers and pictures portrayed.

Our Thoughts

We ended up buying the Burrow Sofa in Navy Blue. As advertised, the delivery was fast, and the modular design made setting the couch up an easy, 30-minute task. The couch itself is comfortable and firm. You can instantly tell that the materials are high-quality.

Nowadays, whenever we have people over, their eyes gravitate towards our Burrow couch, and when people sit on it they light up. I have noticed that people almost always bounce onto the couch—the comfortable seat cushions and upright back support make it the perfect relaxed but mature choice.

Lastly, one of my favorite benefits is that the couch comes with built-in USB chargers, which is fantastic for me since my iPhone is always dying.

In the end, we couldn’t be happier with our Burrow couch. It has changed our living room from feeling dark and stuffy to feeling mature and modern. And while we ended up buying a few other new additions to our house, we also left a lot of our furniture the same. We still have non-matching plates and a bookshelf from the 80’s, but none of that matters, because our new couch sets the tone for our house.

Thanks to Burrow I feel like I’ve leveled-up my life, from college-grad to an adult who has their life together, even if that is only half true.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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