Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Power Book II: Ghost


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t scroll down if you haven’t watched Power yet!

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The wait is almost over and we couldn’t be more excited! Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Power Universe spin-off:

  • Power Book II: Ghost picks up a few days after Power ended.
    • At this point, Tasha is in jail after taking the fall for Tariq murdering Ghost. Tariq discovered that Ghost left him a sizable inheritance on the condition that he goes to college…and graduates with at least a 3.5 GPA.
  • Tariq has two choices – family, university + inheritance or drugs, streets, + run-ins with the law.
    • Tariq may have his faults, but what’s always been unquestionable is his loyalty to his mother, Tasha. Tasha’s only hope to get out of jail is a flashy, questionably unethical lawyer named Davis Maclean whose price tag is as big as his ego.
    • In order to pay for Maclean, Tariq must hustle and get back into the game he just got out of. This sets Tariq down a dangerous path, in which he must decide what’s more important: getting his mother out of jail and securing his inheritance or becoming a new and better “Ghost” in order to shed his father’s legacy.
  • Saxe is returning and Mary J. Blige is starring as Monet Stewart Tejada.
    • Cooper Saxe is returning as a prosecutor, whose beef with the St. Patrick family is back with a vengeance. Saxe is hell bent on nailing the St. Patrick family – whether it’s Tasha or Tariq. Will Saxe finally get his vengeance on the St. Patrick family?
    • Meanwhile, Tariq’s drug selling habits are in direct competition with Monet – an absolute boss ruling the streets of Queens with an iron fist. Will Tariq cross hairs with the wrong woman?

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