Five Reasons Why You Should Try Little Spoon


You have a million things to worry about for your baby.  Sleeping, playing, bathing, and grooming all require lots of lots of your attention.  And of course, feeding your baby the right foods is one of the most important things.  As your baby transitions from formula to baby food, it can be challenging to be sure you’re getting the best for your baby.

Fortunately there’s Little Spoon.  This company is dedicated to providing fresh healthy, pure, nutritious food for babies while making the ordering and delivery as easy as possible.  You tell them a few things about what your baby likes to eat, what allergies your baby has, and how big your baby is, and they do the rest: Delicious food shows up on your doorstep, at the right time.  You don’t have to stress about running out of food and dashing to the store.

If you still need some convincing to check out, here are five reasons why Little Spoon will make life better for your and your baby.

1. Their food is fresh.  

Unlike store-bought baby food, Little Spoon is prepared and delivered fresh with no preservatives, and never heat pasteurized. Their food stays fresh in your fridge for 14 days. There are no sugars, preservatives, or fillers in their food blends.

2. All their food is organic.

Their baby food is USDA-organic certified, and made fresh in small batches using 100+ organic ingredients.  It also contains none of the big-8 allergens.


3. They have a huge selection.

Little Spoon has dozens of flavors, including single flavors like Apple or Pear as well as blends like Kale-Carrot-Pear.  You can mix up your food flavors as often as you want to help your baby find the food they like best.


4. They deliver automatically.

Once you tell Little Spoon how much your baby eats, they’ll deliver food right to your door on a set schedule.  You never need to worry about whether or not you have enough food for your baby in the house.  And you can always adjust your deliveries in case your baby is hungrier or less hungry.

5. Their packaging is recyclable and good for the planet.

Little Spoon’s packaging is 100% curbside recyclable.  They use recycled denim as an insulator to keep the box cold.  And all of their packaging is completely free of BPA, phthalates, and toxins.




What are you waiting for?  Try Little Spoon today.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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