Five Reasons why you need to try Universal Standard’s Mystery Box Sale in 2022


Special Alert: Universal Standard is Running a Sale!

💥Limited Time Offer – Universal Standard is running a limited time Mystery Box Sale!💥

Universal Standard’s Mystery Box Sale is back for the 4th year in a row, with best sellers in brand new colors and completely new pieces – available exclusively in Mystery Box.

If you’re a plus size woman, you know the number one question that rings through your brain while shopping: “does this come in my size?” It’s a question that we’ve grown all too accustomed to asking ourselves first and foremost, when really the only question we should ever be asking ourselves is, “do I like this style?” 

Universal Standard is a revolutionary fashion brand that carries every item in sizes 00-40, so you never have to worry about not finding something in your size again. With Universal Standard, style, quality, and comfort are ensured, so all you have to worry about is picking which pieces you like best! Below, here are five reasons to try Universal Standard.

1. All of their styles are made in every size, from size 00 to 40

We all know there’s no worse feeling than finding a style you love, only to realize it doesn’t come in your size. When you order from Universal Standard, you never have to worry about that again, because every one of their styles comes in a full range of sizes from 00 to 40! With Universal Standard, style, quality, and comfort are ensured, so all you have to worry about is picking which pieces you like best!

2. Their clothing is super high-quality.

Universal Standard is dedicated to setting the quality standard. As they put it on their website, “We look for the best of the best, so you get the best of the best – pieces that last wear after wear, wash after wash, season after season.” Not only do Universal Standard’s pieces have the feel and quality of brands with a much higher price point, they’re also built to last. All this also translates to increased sustainability, as Universal Standard’s classic styles and high quality means you can wear your Universal Standard pieces for years to come.

3. Their Fit Liberty Collection means you don’t have to worry about changing sizes when life happens

We’ve all been there: a particularly stressful couple of months go by, and one day you go to pull on your favorite pants only to realize they no longer fit! With Universal Standard’s Fit Liberty program, those days are gone. Pieces in the Fit Liberty collection are automatically eligible for a FREE exchange should your size change within a year. With the Fit Liberty program, you don’t have to worry about your body changing. Like all of Universal Standard’s practices, the Fit Liberty program makes it so your clothes work for you, not the other way around. 

4. They have an outfit for any and every occasion

Need outfits for work? Check. Are you a denim lover? Check. Do you just need something soft and comfortable, that you can lounge to wear around at home? Check!
Universal Standard has outfits for any and every occasion that you’ll love, across professional clothing, athleisure and loungewear. 

5. Free domestic shipping / returns

Universal Standard takes the headache out of online shopping in a ton of ways, not least of which is offering free domestic shipping and returns. All purchases have free domestic shipping, and free returns within 30 days of purchase. Universal Standard’s generous return policy and friendly, helpful customer service makes online shopping a breeze, no matter your size. 

Whether this is the first you’ve heard of Universal Standard or you’ve been intrigued by the brand for a while, it’s clear that there’s a lot to love about Universal Standard.

 If you’re tired of being asked to compromise your style because of your size, check out Universal Standard and discover style at every size! 

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by Insider Envy Staff

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