Head to Toe Hygiene Habits

Hygiene is one of the basic needs of human beings. Without proper hygiene, we would be sick all the time and unable to perform our best in society.

Hygiene habits have gone through massive changes over the decade. Technology has certainly made it easier for us to take care of ourselves in a short amount of time.

Whether you are here to educate yourself on the matter or to change your lifestyle for the better, you won’t leave this page disappointed. So here are a few hygiene habits that you can practice every day to maintain overall good health.

First, let us understand the benefits of practicing good hygiene habits in our daily lives:

Benefits of Daily Hygiene Habits

It’s not just about good physical health; it is also about your mental health, psychological health, and social performance.

Health Reasons

You can’t have good health without proper hygiene. Every day, we encounter different types of germs, viruses, bacterias, and other pollutants.

If we don’t use proper cleaning materials to clean ourselves, those germs and pollutants that we picked up will stay in our body and even lead to serious illnesses. If you don’t know, all diseases are caused by an accumulation of germs in a specific area for a very long time.

Psychological Reasons

Some people don’t understand the relationship between the mind and the body. They are closely connected to each other.

When your body is ill, your psyche also suffers. And when your psyche is not okay, neither is your body.

In order to keep them both healthy, we must detox our body and mind by adopting some hygiene habits. For example, for the mind, you can detox through meditation and mindfulness.

Social Reasons

You can’t expect people to like you if you are not maintaining your hygiene. Worse, if you are unhygienic, you will also attract people towards you who are also unhygienic.

You can miss out on social opportunities if your overall presentation of yourself is not up to standard.

Professional Reasons

You need to look top-notch during your interviews and presentations—and at work in general. How you dress, eat, walk, talk, and sit can say a lot about you.

If you want to leave a good impression on your supervisors, you must practice good hygiene habits at work.

Hygiene Habits

In this article, we will talk about all the ways you can keep yourself clean effortlessly from top to bottom. As you have realized by now, you can’t just neglect this side of life.

In order to grow as a person, and to maintain your status in society, you must incorporate basic hygiene habits into your routine.

Oral Hygiene

We are taught oral hygiene from a very young age. Let’s focus on the basics.

You should brush your teeth three times a day, once after each meal. To get rid of stuck food, use floss. For quick cleansing, rinse your mouth with mouthwash.

Make sure to brush your teeth the right way. Also, stay away from soft drinks, cordials, candies, and chocolates if you don’t want cavities.

Facial Hygiene

When choosing your face wash to keep your face clean and healthy, you should know your skin type. Try to wash your face every morning after waking up and at night before bedtime.

Never share your makeup or makeup brushes with others. Throw away any old makeup that has expired. In addition, it is better to not touch your face when your hands are unclean.

Use organic moisturizers to keep your face soft and healthy. Pamper yourself and put on face masks on weekends to relax. Lastly, drink two liters of water and eat heaps of vegetables every day.

Additionally, clean your nose, eyes, and ears with baby wipes. Please don’t use cotton swabs as they can get stuck inside your ears or nose. Trim nose and ear hairs every week as well.

Hair Hygiene

You should wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner every two days. Before you wash your hair, massage your scalp lightly with your hands as this will allow the natural oil from your scalp to spread throughout your hair.

After you come home from outside, brush your hair properly to get rid of any dirt. Avoid the sun as best you can, and consume vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids for good hair health.

Hand Hygiene

Your hands have to be clean before you eat. Furthermore, you must wash your hands with soap after using the toilet, after handling the garbage, after cleaning something dirty, after coughing or sneezing, and after touching animals.

If you don’t have access to a washroom, keep hand sanitizer in your bag. It can be so handy.

On the other hand, trim your nails and clean the corners every week. The hand sanitizer can also help keep your nails clean for a quick fix.

Body Hygiene

If you maintain a nice body hygiene routine all throughout the week, then you don’t have to visit the spa often. Take a bath every day. Use herbal plants in the bath for therapeutic purposes.

Otherwise, use organic soap or body wash to clean your body. Wear exfoliating gloves to scrub out excess dirt from your skin. After you dry yourself with a soft towel, finish with a handy amount of body lotion all over your body.

While you are at it, women, you can remove body hair by using epilators, creams, or shaving agents. Men can also groom or shave body hair for hygienic purposes.

Body Odor

You will smell bad if you have not taken a bath properly or you have forgotten to apply deodorant.

To smell fresh all the time, wear freshly laundered clothes. According to faveable, you should wear fresh underwear every day. Apply deodorant under your armpits, and spray perfume on your neck and wrists.

Furthermore, consume plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables to help you smell good throughout the day. Steer clear of red meat, asparagus, broccoli, spices, onion, and garlic, as they will make you stink.

Hygiene Habits for Women

During period days, change your pads every six hours, and tampons every two hours if not more often than that. Wash yourself properly during this time.

You have to be careful about sexually transmitted diseases as well. You may be infected with cystitis if your sex life is very active. It is advisable to pee after intercourse and wash your private parts properly every time to get rid of any bacteria.

Some soaps can cause thrush, which can causes irritation in your lady parts. Women who take antibiotics often are prone to it.

However, you can switch your soap to more sensitive ones and even use vagina wash for that. Also, you shouldn’t use perfumed toilet paper and synthetic underwear’s.

Hygiene Habits for Men

Men who are not circumcised may have discharge building up beneath the foreskin. You have to wash the discharges under the foreskin to avoid serious infections in the future. Lastly, always wash your private parts with soap after intercourse.

All In All

It may sound like a lot, but it’s not difficult at all. They are just simple habits that you can incorporate in your daily life.

It is important to maintain good overall hygiene to stay healthy, to live long, and to perform well in life. So please don’t neglect this side of yourself.

On the other hand, both men and women have to maintain personal hygiene of their private parts as well. Follow the above habits and attempt to learn more about hygiene, so that you can be healthy throughout your life.

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