3 Reasons Hightown is the Best New Series Out There


The New Series Power Fans Can’t Stop Watching

A long time binge-watcher and movie-lover, I’m what most would call a hardass when it comes to criticizing content out there (almost nothing is Rotten Tomatoes’s “certified fresh” these days). But, a new series on the STARZ App is the rare exception to my “nothing is fresh” mantra. Here’s my critical review of why Hightown is the best new series out there (you won’t be disappointed).

1. An Intricate Crime Drama that Explores Contrasting Worlds:

  • The real mystery of Hightown isn’t necessarily in the mystery of who committed the murder that catapults the story’s plot, but in the layered complexities of the characters themselves, each of whom is on a journey to redemption.
  • Set in Cape Cod, which is typically perceived as an idyllic, quintessential American summer town, Hightown reveals the dark underbelly of a locale crippled by a raging opioid epidemic.
  • The dichotomy of the series’s setting mirrors the characters’ own lives, personalities, and stories in this multifaceted crime drama that thrusts viewers into an alternate, yet equally real, view of Cape Cod.

2. A Unique View into Modern American Life and Culture:

  • Hightown forces us to acknowledge the opioid epidemic occurring across the country and its ravaging effects on the people and places it impacts.
  • It also explores the American ethos of individualism and the pursuit of happiness – the idea that we can always be and do better – through each of the character’s journeys. Hightown’s setting in Cape Cod further perpetuates this view into day-to-day American life, since in many ways Cape Cod is as much the embodiment of American culture and lifestyle as anything else.

3. A Masterful Production by Jerry Bruckheimer Featuring the Always Fabulous Monica Raymund:

  • Even putting aside the intricate plot and the complex, layered characters, Hightown is produced by the crime drama mastermind himself, Jerry Bruckheimer, of CSI notability.
  • To top it off, Monica Raymund (of The Good Wife and Chicago Fire) stars in the lead role as Jackie Quiñones.

Ready to dig into the seedy underbelly of Cape Cod (let’s be honest, you probably won’t get there this summer to see for yourself)? Head over to the STARZ App and watch the first episode of Hightown now (and for free). The next episode comes out 5/24. See for yourself why Hightown is the best new series out there.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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