Hitting The Road After Retirement

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America has never seen a retirement population like the boomers before. Healthier, more active, more technologically engaged – from a social science perspective, a grandmother today behaves nothing like the grandmothers of twenty years ago, and the habits of an ‘active retirement’ are just one clue.


Boomers are looking beyond a traditional 9 – 5 for ways to stay in high spirits, supplement their retirement income, and get involved with a local movement. A huge proportion of new drivers signing up to Lyft fall into the 50+ bracket: mature drivers report their delight with Lyft’s flexibility, a pick-your-own schedule set-up, and an easy introduction to smartphone tech. These boomers are eager to fill their time with something that’s both interesting and truly useful.


The company is well-prepared for the needs of older drivers: a simple plug-and-play app plus outstanding driver support means boomers are coming to and staying with Lyft as their rideshare app of choice.


Although many name other perks (meeting new people, keeping busy) before they mention the extra cash, it’s certainly a key benefit. For a demographic that generally prefers early morning rides, boomers are likely to cash into airport runs, business meetings and other cross-town gigs. They are using the income as a way to supplement Social Security and still maintain their well-earned retired lifestyle.


As a way for retired or older drivers to keep comfortable living habits and maintain freedom and flexibility, Lyft fits the bill. Drivers can choose part-time hours or just turn their app on for a drive or two per week.  And as the rideshare demand just keeps on growing, so too will the team of boomers who are challenging the traditional retirement norms.


Want to hit the road? Sign up for Lyft today and take advantage of their new driver bonuses.



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by Insider Envy Staff

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