Homemade Dog Food Without the Hassle


If you have a dog, you know pet parenting is low-key one of the toughest jobs. Having a healthy dog means monitoring your dog’s nutrition around the clock to ensure your dog’s well being.  If you’re looking to nourish your dog with real whole foods you’re probably already aware of the well-disguised chemicals and preservatives in commercial dog food. On the flipside, incomplete and unbalanced homemade diets can also cause nutritional deficiencies and disease. Lurking bacteria, toxic ingredients, and improper nutritional balances are just some of the many dangers of making homemade dog food.

The struggle of homemade dog food

If you have time to cook fresh meals and trust you can deliver your puppy’s nutrient requirements, cooking homemade fresh meals is one of the best options you can make for your pup. Although this requires research on what your love specifically needs to create a well-rounded diet with the correct supplements, as the sole purveyor of your pup’s meals, you’ll know exactly what will be going in your puppy’s food. Take caution however as homemade diets can cause nutritional imbalances and vitamin or mineral deficiencies if not prepared correctly. Canines have unique ratios of proteins, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals that can make preparing homemade meals harmful and dangerous.

The handmade solution

Voted InsiderEnvy’s dog food of the year, Ollie is the miracle dog food breaking the internet. Formulated by a team of specialized veterinarians, Ollie’s dog food is handmade in small batches in a USDA certified facility. Ethically sourced ultra-premium ingredients like chicken liver, spinach, and blueberries work together to improve digestion, skin health, and coat. Customized for your individual dog’s breed, weight, physical activity, and allergies, Ollie is free of any artificial flavors, growth hormone, antibiotics, fillers, synthetic colors, and preservatives.

Slow-cooked using a kettle cooker to maximize nutritional value, while also ensuring prolonged freshness and superior taste, Ollie’s nutrition-packed meals helps promote healthy weight and in turn, a longer life. To check for quality, Ollie sends samples from each batch of doggie meals to a third party tester, so every meal you get from Ollie is fresh and full of flavor! Ollie meals are packaged in resealable, recyclable plastic trays and sent to you using insulated cardboard boxes.

The reviews

9 out of 10 dogs prefer Ollie compared to other dog foods. Attracting health-conscious celebrity investors like Serena Williams, Ollie starts at $3 a day to help dogs live healthier and longer lives, and help save on vet bills. “As someone always on-the-go, I love how easy Ollie makes it for me to provide my dogs healthy, nutritious food tailored to their specific needs,” said Serena. “Ollie takes a personal approach to every dog and makes it a priority to understand everything from their size an age to their activity level and allergies. It’s a great company and I am so happy to invest in its mission to help dogs and their owners have access to top quality dog food.”


Ollie dog food makes nourishing your dog easy with fresh, perfectly portioned dishes delivered directly to your doorstep. From customized meal plans, high-quality ingredients, recyclable packaging, and a free pack of probiotics to help your dog feel great during the transition, Ollie dog food is second to none.

For a limited time through Insider Envy, you can get an exclusive 50% off your first box of Ollie.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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