How to Be the Best Bride for Your Bridesmaids


By Addie Berger


We’re all familiar with tales of wedding planning woes, where even the most easy-going of brides-to-be can find themselves plunged into a whirlpool of stress. From dress shopping to confirming the guest list to aligning on the intricate details of the big day, wedding planning is certainly not for the faint of heart. To add to the pressure, a bride’s biggest fear is morphing into a ‘bridezilla’ throughout this process, particularly in the eyes of those she’s chosen to stand by her side on the big day: the bridal party.

So how exactly do you put the time and care into making sure your bridal party feels seen and heard so they are comfortable and confident from “I do” to the after-party? Being a good bride means creating a space where your bridesmaids’ preferences and experiences are cherished. While wedding planning stress can transform the best-intentioned brides, keeping calm and following the tips below will help streamline your planning process, keeping you and your bridal party feeling and looking your best on your big day – so you can keep your inner-bridezilla at bay (and your besties close long after you say “I do’!).

Ensure a Flattering Dress Fit for Everyone, No Seamstress Necessary

We all know ‘one size fits all’ is never accurate – especially when it comes to dress shopping. 

While you might have a precise vision for your bridesmaid dresses, it’s valuable to seek input from your bridal party and consider allowing them to choose a style that complements their body type. This is where innovative online bridesmaid dress retailers like Revelry can make a huge difference. Revelry understands that your bridal party is diverse, and that’s something to celebrate. With an impressive range of dress styles, fabric and customization options that are made-to-order, Revelry truly has a dress for everyone – at an affordable price. Whether adjusting necklines and hemlines or choosing different styles altogether, Revelry ensures that each bridesmaid can express their individuality and feel beautiful, while harmonizing with the overall theme that you worked so hard to curate.


Communicate Early & Often

Happy bridesmaids are those kept in the loop! Now is not the time to ‘be bad at texting’ or forget to keep your bridesmaids in-the-know on important details surrounding your big day and the events that lead up to it. Share the key dates like the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding day well in advance. Clue them in on how dress shopping will work and give a heads-up about the bachelorette plans so they can plan ahead accordingly. And perhaps the most important of all: don’t forget to lay out the time and money commitments upfront. It’s all about giving them the info they need to give them sufficient time to plan – after all, an informed bridesmaid is a happy bridesmaid.

Respect Their Busy Schedules

Your bridesmaids have their own lives going on – it’s crucial to honor your bridesmaids’ busy schedules and make the dress-searching process as effortless for them as you can. Enter chat: Bridesmaid dress home-try-on services: an innovative solution so bridesmaids can forget the stress and sweat of dress try-ons in a million different poorly-lit dressing rooms – on their own time. Revelry’s home try-on program makes bridesmaid dress shopping not only painless but… actually fun. You can make a night out of it with a try-on party (cue some champagne!), or your bridesmaids can try on sample dresses at home, surrounded by the familiar comfort of their space. No matter what route you take, Revelry’s home try-on program eliminates the stress, letting your squad focus on what truly matters – finding the perfect dresses that make them feel confident and beautiful inside and out—no more store-hopping. Instead, enjoy a try-on haul from the comfort of home (for just $10!).

…And Have an Emergency Back-Up Dress Option

For the bridesmaid that tends to procrastinate (we all have one) it’s important to have a back-up option on deck should their made-to-order dress get lost in the mail (or cough, cough never ordered in the first place despite your constant reminders). Dress retailers that offer both a made-to-order option AND ready-to-ship dresses offer flexibility for your bridal party, should plans go awry for any reason in the lead up to your wedding. Revelry (can you tell we’re fans?) offers a wide-array of in-stock ready-to-ship dresses that are here to save (and slay!) the day. Quick and convenient, ensuring every bridesmaid looks stunning on your special day – because who said last-minute has to compromise on style?

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Treat Them To Something Special to show Your Gratitude

Cue the “awws” – thoughtful gifts for your bridesmaids can get everyone feeling the love as you express your gratitude on your big day (and make up for any bridezilla moments that may have slipped through the cracks – we all have them). While there are a number of directions you could go here, matching PJs/robes are a practical and charming gift option that won’t break the bank (and make for some very cute pictures!). One option are Revelry’s soft satin PJs and robes to help the whole squad get ready together in style. Both options are made-to-order, so you can match them to the bridesmaid dresses, putting your bridal party in the right state of mind and creating a comfortable atmosphere as you prepare for the main event.

"These pj’s are EXCELLENT quality! Perfect match to their bridesmaid gown." ~ Susan C. on the Dolled Up Set


Bring On The Big Day!

If you’re still reading, it’s clear you’re the kind of bride who’s not just focused on her big day but also on ensuring everyone’s journey toward it is smooth sailing. Your thoughtfulness speaks volumes! Here’s to laughter, love, and a bridal party that’s as radiant as you are – you’re creating more than just a wedding; you’re crafting unforgettable experiences for everyone involved.

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