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The choice of what to feed your baby is one of the most important decisions you make as a parent...

Breastfeeding issues can be isolating for new parents. No matter whether you’re facing a low milk supply, troubles with latching, or any other issuesyou’re not alone (and you’re in good company). The CDC reports that nearly 75% of infants start receiving formula by the time they reach 6 months of age.

Supplementing breast milk with formula is one way to ensure your growing baby still gets all the nutrients they need, while making your life a little easier. Rather than quitting breastfeeding altogether, “combination feeding” can help mitigate some of the common difficulties of breastfeeding while still providing your baby with some of the “liquid gold” that is breast milk!


With so many formulas on the market, it can be hard to know which one makes sense for your baby. Our top pick? ByHeartWe love it because it’s an all-in-one formula option designed with a patented protein blend that gets them closest to breast milk.

ByHeart knows that breast milk is nature’s most super superfood, and they’ve put an unprecedented amount of time and energy into ensuring that ByHeart’s patented protein blend is the closest thing to breast milk on the market.

ByHeart is serious about the science behind their productthey ran the largest clinical trial conducted by an infant formula brand in over 25 years. The results? Clinically proven benefits like easier digestion, less spit up, and softer poops compared to a leading infant formula.

Why supplement breast milk?

The reasons for needing to supplement breastfeeding can be as complex as they are numerous. Maybe you’re having latching issues, or experiencing a low milk supply. Maybe your baby has medical needs that require supplementing with formula. Maybe you’re struggling to balance a busy schedule with finding time to breastfeed, or maybe it’s simply what’s best for your mental health (and in these cases, what’s best for you can help you be a better parentmeaning it’s also what’s best for your baby!).

It’s okay if it takes some time to come to terms with the decision to stop breastfeeding or to supplement feeding with formula. Once you’ve made your decision, however, it’s always good to check in with your doctor before supplementing or making the switch to formula.

Picking the right formula for you and your baby

There’s a lot to take into consideration when picking the right formulaeverything from your baby’s age and dietary needs to your budget.

ByHeart is a great infant formula pick for its certified-clean ingredients* and clinically proven** benefits. It’s formulated with a patented protein blend that gets closest-to-breast-milk, and is the only US-made formula company to use organic, grass-fed whole milk instead of skim.

ByHeart is also great for busy parents because it runs on a subscription service delivered straight to your doorwhich means you’ll never run out! With a million other things parents have to worry about, it’s comforting to have your formula arrive right on time, every time.

Preparing to supplement breastfeeding with formula

So you’ve made the decision to supplement with formula. Now what?

Once you’ve talked to your doctor, try starting by introducing formula very gradually – you can do this by either alternating between bottles of formula and breast milk, or combining the two in a bottle!

If you’d like to combine formula with breast milk in one bottle, make sure to first prepare formula with water before mixing it with your breast milk. Maintaining skin-to-skin contact during feeding is another way to mimic some of the benefits of breastfeeding while supplementing with formula.

Above all, try to remember the importance of finding a feeding solution that works for both babies and parents. The best way to feed your baby is whatever method works to keep them happy and fedwithout sacrificing your own sanity.

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