How to Relax at the End of the Day

Winding Down with a Busy Lifestyle

We lead very busy lives today. Many adults often find themselves running on little sleep with a long list of things to do and not enough hours in the day to get them done. In order to meet the demands of work and personal life, some decide to forgo rest and relaxation to make more time for travel, work, and family commitments. While this may be a solution in the short term, it is not a healthy long-term choice.


Why Is Relaxation Important?


The idea of relaxation is often associated with recreation. It is viewed as an option, a luxury that we sometimes forfeit to keep up with daily life. Relaxation is much more than that, and it should be a part of everyone’s day. In fact, researchers have found a connection between relaxation and our physical and mental health. Even a short break each day can:


-Make stress levels more manageable

-Allow for restful sleep at night

-Improve your mood

-Improve memory & concentration

-Lower the risk of illness


The first step to healthier, happier living is to learn how to make the most of every moment you have to relax.


Plan Your Relaxing Evening

If you can spend an entire day relaxing, that’s great. By all means, take advantage of your free time and get the most out of it. For those that can’t, the evening is usually a good time to kick back and unwind. It’s the time between work and bed that’s all yours (or at least some of it is, for those with children). So how do you prepare to make the most of it?


Set the Mood & Turn off Your Devices

Allow your mind and body to wind down by setting the mood. Lower the lights as a signal to your brain that it’s time to rest. This is especially important for those who spend all day under bright illumination in an office. Light a candle or two to create a calming glow. Turn off all your devices so that you can disconnect from the distractions of the world.


Detoxify with a Bath

Water can have a tremendous impact on how we feel. Plan for a nice hot bath or shower. If bathing, pour in two cups of Epsom salt to help detoxify while you soak. The water should be warm enough to cause you to sweat lightly to help remove toxins from the body. The steam from a hot shower can also have a profound impact on your body.


Invigorate with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is another good relaxation tool. Lavender essential oil is preferred because it can help calm nerves and allows you to prepare for bed. Apply a few drops on your temples, wrist, and your pillow before you go to sleep.


Stretch Stress Away

A light workout can help remove stress and tension. Yoga is a good choice because it focuses on breathing as well as physical movement. Consider coming up with a short routine that includes Child’s Pose, Standing Forward Bend, Easy Forward Bend, and Plow Pose.


Visualized Relaxation

Visualization is a good way to make sure all parts of the body relax. To do this, lay on your back and begin visualizing each part of your body. Start at the top of your head, and hold the visualization until that area relaxes. Then move on to the next body part then the next. Repeat until you reach your toes and are experiencing full-body relaxation.


Watch Your Diet

A healthy diet is important when it comes to well-being. If you like to have a snack in the evening, avoid heavy foods as well as those that contain caffeine and sugar. Chamomile tea is a great choice because it contains amino acids that promote serotonin production, a natural mood-stabilizer that helps you sleep.


When you plan your schedule each week, make sure you include some time to relax in the evening. This will allow you to form good habits that can have a lasting impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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