My Honest Review: Shopping Revelry’s Bridesmaid Dresses


By Addie Berger


While we all recognize that being chosen to be a bridesmaid is a true honor, it undeniably carries its own set of pressures. Between time commitments and financial obligations, it’s no small ask. Personally, having been a bridesmaid five times, when I began planning my own big day, I found myself admittedly a bittt overwhelmed – wanting to make sure I made the experience as seamless as possible for my leading ladies (as they had done for me!). With so many options and things to consider, it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed. And then I found Revelry.

Bridal party shopping has undoubtedly evolved over the years – and thanks to Revelry, gone are the days of trekking to multiple stores, bridesmaids in tow, to find the perfect color and style that works for everyone. Custom online options like Revelry are taking the bridesmaid dress market by storm, making the processes easier while making your bridesmaids sparkle on your big day. So picture me as your virtual bridesmaid, spilling the tea on Revelry’s dress haven and why it’s absolutely changing the game.

Endless Inspiration

Whether you’ve envisioned every detail of your big day since childhood or, like me, are diving into this process without a clue of where to start, Revelry is here to lend a hand. Take a scroll through Revelry’s website and socials. Revelry regularly shares customer reviews, themes, and photos from the big day, helping inspire you and explore different ways your vision can come to life. In fact, they have an entire section of their website dedicated to sharing inspiration from real-life weddings (called ‘Revelry IRL’), because they know how stressful it can be to try and reinvent the wheel on your own.

If that weren’t enough, one look at Revelry’s Instagram tags, and you’ll see why they’re unparalleled. Oh, and the best part? They offer a full selection of swatches in every color shade and fabric so you can truly envision your wedding party before saying ‘I do’ to the perfect bridesmaids dresses (you can even use code ‘COLORHAPPY’ to get a full swatch page free of charge!).

Revelry 2023

Stop The Endless Scroll With Revelry's User-Friendly Website

From my first click on Revelry’s website, relief washed over me. It’s like the smiling inspo-photos were all whispering, “it’s okay, you’re safe here.” Navigating through the various dress options is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive layout that makes exploring styles, colors, and customization features super easy. On the go, you can scroll through seamlessly on your phone because, from cake tastings to makeup test runs, you’ll never know when you’ll need to revisit your options.

Can't Beat Custom

Here’s where the magic happens – customization. Revelry isn’t just about dresses; it’s about making personal fairytales come to life. Tailoring bridesmaid dresses to individual preferences is a game-changer, offering a level of personalization that elevates the entire experience – and at an affordable price (which all bridesmaids will appreciate!). Whether it’s adjusting hemlines, opting for different necklines, or selecting from a myriad of color choices, Revelry’s customization benefits contribute to a more personalized and satisfying bridesmaid dress selection process for all involved – ensuring that all your leading ladies feel confident and beautiful on your big day. Revelry understands that one size DOES NOT fit all, and has an option for every body type. It’s the attention to detail that brides crave, and Revelry delivers seamlessly.

"The best bridesmaid dress I've worn! I've purchased Bridesmaid dresses from quite a few websites and this one is by far the most flattering and comfortable. It is also very high-quality!" ~ Liza B. on the Skye Satin Dress

What Truly Sets Revelry Apart

As you know, there are endless places to shop for bridesmaid dresses these days. And sure, they all offer gorgeous dresses – that’s what makes this process so difficult! Revelry stands out from the pack because they know it’s not just about finding the perfect dresses to match your vision; it’s about making your life and your bridesmaids’ lives easier and more fun throughout the entire process, from initial dress selection to the big day. From ensuring your vision comes to life by offering color and fabric swatches to their revolutionary home-try-on option, Revelry is changing the game. Plus, the Revelry website is incredibly easy to navigate, with helpful hacks sprinkled throughout, holding your hand and helping inspire every step of the way. Simply put, no one’s doing it quite like Revelry – it’s evident they truly understand what it’s like to be a bride with a million colors to coordinate (and personalities to deal with!).

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TLDR on Revelry

Here’s the lowdown: as you embark on the bridesmaid dress selection journey, Revelry emerges as a commendable choice. The user-friendly website, unique home-try-on feature, and unparalleled customization options make Revelry a standout in the wedding planning landscape. I wholeheartedly recommend exploring their platform for a seamless and gratifying bridesmaid dress selection process. We all know wedding planning can be a stressful time – you deserve the ease and convenience that Revelry brings to the table. Cheers to stress-free dress hunting and a beautiful wedding ahead!

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