Ollie vs. Darwin’s Dog Food


When it comes to pet parenting, you know nutrition plays a major role in your dog’s health. Ollie and Darwin’s Dog food are two similar brands who will deliver fresh dog food to your door.  If you’re considering purchasing either brand, you probably already know how important it is to nourish your dog with wholesome foods – not chemicals and preservatives found in traditional dog food. Keep reading for our head to head comparison of the two brands to help you make the best decision for you and your pup!


Founded with the motto: #mustlovedogs, Ollie is formulated by a team of specialized veterinarians and customized to your dog’s breed, weight, activity, and allergies. Ollie’s dog food is handmade in small batches in a USDA certified facility, packaged in a human-grade facility using a kettle cooker and atmosphere for maximum freshness. Before being sent to you, each batch of Ollie dog food is sent to third-party testers, who check for taste and quality. Ollie meals are then packaged into recyclable, resealable plastic trays that are placed into insulated cardboard boxes and sent to you! Ollie also offers a smaller subscription option for dog parents who want to add their own twist on meals, along with a snack line comprised of beef strips, sweet potato slices, chicken strips, and trusty turkey slices! Ollie donates 1% of its total revenue to rescue dogs and animal shelters.

Darwin’s Dog Food

Inspired by the advice of a holistic veterinarian, Darwin’s Dog Food is centered around the belief that a raw diet cures all. Recipes are 100% raw and made to fit a 75% protein, 25% vegetable diet, contributing to an overall simpler flavored meal for your pup. Raw ingredients are assembled into recipes at a USDA certified facility, before being frozen, vacuum sealed, and packaged in bulk into insulated coolers to be sent to you. Packages are not resealable, which sometimes results in compromised freshness or freezer burn while storing between meals. With a starting price of $5.39/lb, Darwin’s Dog Food offers raw meal options for both dogs and cats, along with discounts for service animals and service animal organizations.

The Comparison

Ollie Darwin’s
Flavor 9 out of 10 dogs prefer the taste of Ollie compared to other dog foods. The taste just didn’t match up to Ollie.
Variety Four recipes: beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb. 5 recipes: chicken, duck, turkey, beef or lamb.
Money Back Guarantee 100% money back guarantee. No money back guarantee.
Ease of Transition Offers plans ranging from 15 -100% Ollie allowing you to ease in the new food during the first weeks. Does not include transitional meal options.
First Box Offer 50% off your first box. 10lbs for $14.95.
Packaging Recyclable resealable trays with a perfect portion size scooper. Raw food comes in in vacuum-sealed packages that are not resealable.
Charitability Donates 1% of all its revenue to shelters and rescues. No official charitable donation.
Product Offerings Snack line provides the same high-quality ingredients as its food. Offers raw food for both dogs and cats.
USDA Certification USDA certified. USDA certified.
Vet Approval Specialized veterinarians help formulate AAFCO-compliant recipes. AAFCO- compliant recipes.
Meal Plan Price Starts at $3/day. Starts at $5.39/lb.
Delivery Free. Free.

The Verdict

While Ollie and Darwin’s both offer human-grade dog food, Ollie comes out on top due to many factors. With Darwin’s Dog Food, you choose the raw meat type, the number of pounds you want and the frequence of delivery. Ollie, however, allows you to actually personalize your dog’s meal based on their age, weight, and breed, meaning your pup ends up getting exactly the right nutrients for them. Ollie’s third-party quality taste testers ensure that 9 out of 10 dogs prefer Ollie compared to other dog food. Even the pickiest dogs love Ollie’s delicious recipes! From transitional meal options to help your dog feel great during the transition, to an entire snack line dedicated to keeping your dog healthy and happy, Ollie wins our “all-around” award for excellence. With Ollie, my pup is always excited for mealtime, licking the bowl clean after every meal. I feel better knowing that I’m subscribed to a dog food company that not only doesn’t harm my dog’s health but actually improves it!

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by Insider Envy Staff

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