P-Valley: The New Series Everyone Should Be Watching


P-Valley’s epic first season concludes this Sunday at midnight. Watch it on the STARZ App.

Based on Katori Hall’s (Olivier award-winning playwright of The Mountaintop) play Pussy Valley, P-Valley immerses us in the grit and glitter of a small town strip club in the Mississippi Delta.

P-Valley is more than just a story about big dreams in a small Southern town – it’s about giving voice to all strip club workers, and particularly black women, whose experiences and voices are typically marginalized, stigmatized, and underrepresented.

It’s about how the male desires of the wealthy and the influential collide with the lives of five female strip club workers, forcing the women to make choices that can either set them down the path of power, wealth and respect or force them to take a step down.

Performance blurs with reality as each of these women navigate between their lives on and off the stage.

Stream STARZ’s hottest new show now and catch the season finale this Sunday at midnight on the STARZ App. Watch the trailer and sign up for your 7-day FREE trial.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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