PFL 2021 Season: An Insider’s Guide to the 6 Weight Classes of the PFL [April 2021]


Get all the info on the 6 weight classes of the PFL. Watch PFL live on Thursday April 29th at 9 pm ET on ESPN2!

Even if you’re new to the world of professional fighting, you’ve probably heard the term “making weight.” MMA, boxing, and wrestling competitions are all uniquely arranged using the fighters weights so that participants are evenly matched, and the Professional Fighters League is no different. The PFL features six distinct weight classes that determine who a fighter might oppose.
You can see each weight class in action during the Season 3 PFL matches, available to watch live ESPN2 at 9PM ET (6PM PT) on match days, with preliminary cards available to stream live on ESPN+ starting at 5:30 pm ET (2:30 pm PT).
For now, let’s explore more about what it takes to make weight and how each of the weight classes differ.

The 6 Classes of the PFL

The PFL contains 5 men’s divisions and 1 women’s division as follows:

  • Women’s Lightweight (155 lbs)
  • Featherweight (145 lbs)
  • Lightweight (155 lbs)
  • Welterweight (170 lbs)
  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs)
  • Heavyweight (265 lbs)

According to the 2021 Official Rules for the PFL, fighters must not exceed the maximum weight for each division. In regular season fights, like the Welterweight fight on April 29, Heavyweight fights on May 6, and 2nd Half fights on June 10, June 17, and June 25, fighters can go over one pound in their weight class. However, fighters must not exceed their weight during the Championship in New York or they’ll have to forfeit.

What happens if a fighter doesn’t make weight?

During regular season fights, a fighter not making weight results in:

  • 0 points awarded for the match, a 1-point penalty (-1 point in the standings), and lack of payment for the fight.

The opponent (assuming they make weight) receives:

  • +3 points in the standings and payment for both the amount for their contract as well as purse money for winning the match.

According to, the -1 point penalty for not making weight is new in 2021 after many weight-related cancellations during last season.
Even if one of the fighter’s doesn’t make weight, the fight can still occur if both fighters and the league agree. The fighter who did not make weight still loses a point in the standings and can only make 80% of their contract.
Regardless of weight division, this PFL season is bound to be packed with incredible competition by a host of talented fighters.
To see Welterweight Rory MacDonald face off against Curtis Millender, tune into all the action live on ESPN2 at 9 pm ET (6 pm PT) on Thursday, April 29th.

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