PFL MMA 2.0 Kicks Off Season 3 [April 2021]


Professional Fighters League (PFL) MMA 2.0 Kicks Off Season 3 on Friday, April 23rd 2021

What is the PFL?

The Professional Fighters League is back! After a 15-month break from competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 PFL Season kicks off with three straight weeks of regular season action.

The main events will be broadcast starting Friday, April 23rd on ESPN2 at 9 pm ET (6 pm PT).

Here’s what you need to know:

When Does It Start?

The Regular Season consists of six events starting on Friday, April 23 at 9p ET (6p PT). Each fighter from their respective weight class will compete in two three-round bouts.

 You can keep up-to-date on the schedule and who is fighting who here.

Where can I watch?

MMA fans can watch all of the PFL’s Main Card Fights on ESPN2 from  9 – 11 pm ET (6 – 8 pm PT). The fights start at 5:30pm ET  which  can be streamed via ESPN+.

Who Are The Key Fighters?

With a $1 million dollar championship prize in each division the league has attracted a number of high-profile fighters including Anthony Pettis, Rory MacDonald, Fabricio Werdum and Kayla Harrison.

They’ll be competing against defending champions Lance Palmer, Natan Schulte, Ali Isaev, Ray Cooper III, Emiliano Sordi and Kayla Harrison (who is also a 2x US Olympic Gold Medalist).

Last, but not least, Claressa Shields will be featured in a special showcase fight on Thursday, June 10th where she takes on Brittney Elkin.

The full schedule and standings can be found here.

What are the Key Match-Ups in Round One?

The Main ESPN2 Card will feature:


Anthony “Showtime” Pettis vs. Clay “The O Snatcher” Collard

Pettis, a former UFC lightweight champion and one of the most exciting UFC  fighters of all-time will be taking on knock-out specialist Clay Collard. 

Pettis’ explosive style includes the iconic “showtime kick” (He’s also the only MMA fighter to be on a Wheaties box.). Collard is a two-sport star, earning the nickname “The O Snatcher” in boxing for knocking out unbeaten opponents

Collard and Pettis have a combined 21 knockouts on their record.


Marcin Held vs. Natan Schulte

Two-time lightweight champion, Natan Schulte will meet Marcin Held. The two submission specialists should make for a gritty, compelling contest.

Schulte has an unbeaten 9-0-1 record in the PFL and is coming off a 5-0 season in which he submitted 3 opponents. While Held has 14 submission wins with 8 finishes coming via kneebar, toehold or heel hook; had an 11-3 record in Bellator

Held is widely regarded as being the best leg-lock attacker in MMA


Lance Palmer vs. Bubba “Bad Man” Jenkins

Palmer has gone 10-0 in the PFL en-route to back-to-back championships and two one-million-dollar pay days. He’ll square off against an old rival, Jenkins, who went 3-1 against him in collegiate wrestling and won an NCAA title. 

Jenkins on Palmer:I’m looking to knock his head off… I’m looking to secure my legacy… I think I will pick him apart with my striking.” 

Palmer on Jenkins: “I just have way more tools in the bag when it comes to us squaring off against each other.” 


Movlid Khaybulaev vs. Lazar Stojadinovic

Khaybulaev is unbeaten at 15-0-1 which also included the fastest stoppage in PFL history (10 seconds). Khaybulaev and his signature flying knee go up against Serbian Stojandinovic who has won 10 out of his last 12 fights.

You can also watch the ESPN+ Card fights on ESPN+ starting at 5:30 pm ET (2:30 pm PT) featuring:

How Does The Season Format Work?

Each fighter competes twice during the regular season, with respective rankings determined by points earned. A victory results in three points, a tie one point with bonuses added for knockouts and submissions. The winner will also receive bonus points depending on when the fight is stopped:

  • Round 1 Stoppage: 3 bonus points
  • Round 2 Stoppage: 2 bonus points
  • Round 3 Stoppage: 1 bonus points 

The four fighters who accumulate the most points in each of the six divisions advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs are single elimination with No. 1 seed facing No.4 and No. 2; these fights will be three round-bouts. 

The winner of each fight will square-off in the World Championship finale in New York.

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