Preparing for your newborn (+ a hospital packing list!)

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By Insider Envy Staff

Expecting a newborn? Here are our top tips.

While a few things in life are as exciting as welcoming a new baby, let’s face itfew things can be just as stressful.

Planning ahead is key to making those early days and sleepless nights of parenthood go a lot more smoothly. Whether this is your firstborn or you’re welcoming another addition to your family, keep reading for tips and tricks to get ready for your baby’s arrival, plus a hospital packing list for both you and your baby!

Prepare your home.

While it may seem obvious, be sure you have the basicsa crib, crib mattress, bedding, changing table, stroller, and a car seat. Create changing stations around the house to save yourself from dashing back into the nursery every time you forget a diaper or wipes. And if there are any house projects or tasks you’ve been putting off, get them out of the way before your baby arrives. Give your home a deep clean to minimize the presence of bacteria, so you have a clean environment to return to after giving birth.

It’s easy to feel like 99% of your brain may be taken up with thinking about your child, it’s important to take care of your future self, too. Try batch-prepping soup and other foods that freeze well, so you have some meals on hand for those early days of parenthood. 

Meal-prepping isn’t just for parents though. It may seem early, but it’s never a bad idea to be extra prepared– researching the best infant formulas and stocking up before your baby arrives can save you some stress down the line. ByHeart is one great choiceits a clinically proven infant formula that provides easier digestion, less spitup, softer poops, and enhanced nutrition absorption compared to another leading infant formula. Plus, ByHeart offers a subscription plan, so when you need to re-up, it’s easy to have delivered straight to your front door— which can be a huge help when caring for your baby, as even a quick trip to the grocery store can feel like quite the voyage!

Planning for the birth.

When it comes to your birth plan, remember that the most important outcome of birth is a healthy mom and baby. In order to make sure you come up with a plan that you’re comfortable with, it’s good to research and prepare for a variety of situations. Discuss your birth plan with your healthcare provider ahead of time to make sure that you’re on the same page.

Feeling prepared for labor can provide peace of mind during those nerve wracking final weeks and days of pregnancy. Having a hospital bag packed and ready to go far in advance of your due date is one way to ensure you’re ready to head out the door when you go into labor!

Parenthood can be overwhelming—ByHeart makes things easier.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the advice out there for new parents. Taking steps to get ready for your newborn can help give you peace of mind in the chaotic early days of parenthood. There’s a lot to think about and prepare forluckily, with brands like ByHeart, making sure your child has great access to high-quality nutrition can be one less thing for you to worry about!


Comfortable clothes for labor


Snacks and drinks

Birth plan and medical documents (health insurance information and pre-registration documents from the hospital)

Postpartum essentials

Comfortable clothing for recovery, plus extra socks and a robe 


Nursing bras and breast pads

Toiletries for postpartum care (i.e. a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, lotion, lip balm, etc.)

Personal items for relaxation and comfort

Going-home outfit (tip: choose clothes that fit from around the 6-month pregnancy mark)

Hair clips or ponytail holders, to pull your hair back during labor

Glasses and a contact case, if you wear them


Baby essentials


An infant car seat with a headrest

A going home outfit, plus a hat (if it’s cold outside) and socks to keep them warm

Newborn diapers

Diapers and wipes

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