Pros and Cons of Subscription Dog Food


When it comes to dog food (or any kind of food for that matter), fresh is best. Store bought food is full of preservatives and chemicals, along with being made of dead, dying, and diseased animals – the sort of things you definitely wouldn’t eat yourself, and shouldn’t be feeding your dog, either.

For the most part, fresh dog food comes in two options: you can make it yourself or you can choose to subscribe to a dog meal subscription service like Ollie. Each has its benefits, but personally, I’ve chosen to subscribe to Ollie for my dog, Ziggy, largely because of this list of pros and cons.


It’s Easier.

Subscribing to a dog meal subscription service is just easier. When I first switched to fresh food for Ziggy, I tried making it myself, but it took too much time. With Ollie, all I had to do was fill out a profile to receive fourteen meals every two weeks, taking all of the stress out of cooking for Ziggy, on top of cooking for myself and my family.

It’s Well-Balanced.

When I made Ziggy’s meals, I was always worried that I wasn’t using the right ingredients. I knew that whatever I fed him would automatically be better than store bought food because it would be fresh, but that didn’t mean he was getting all of the vitamins and minerals he needed. Ollie uses expert veterinary nutritionists to make sure every meal is perfectly balanced based on Ziggy’s breed, age, activity level, and gender, so I don’t have to worry about him being malnourished.

It’s Pre-Portioned.

Before Ollie, I was feeding Ziggy too much. Even though he was only two, he was getting chubby, and I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully Ollie provides me with in-depth instructions on how much to feed Ziggy, along with doggie meal scoopers to help me.


It’s Expensive.

Dog subscriptions end up being more expensive than store bought food or making fresh food for your dog yourself. However, for me this isn’t much of a con. I not only look at the price as an investment towards my dog’s health, I look at it as an investment in myself. Making fresh food for Ziggy took up a lot of my time that I can now spend on myself and with my family.

It Contributes to Waste.

In general, subscription boxes require packaging: cardboard and plastic, which ends up going into the trash. One of the reasons I chose Ollie is because of their dedication to cutting down on waste. As part of Ollie’s new packaging launch, their subscription has become more sustainable: shipped less frequently and in better packs, so I feel good knowing that I’m not contributing as much to the landfills.

After weighing the pros and cons of dog food subscription boxes, I chose to subscribe to Ollie because it allowed me my freedom, along with providing Ziggy with the fresh food he needs to stay healthy and strong. It’s definitely more expensive than what I was spending before, but I feel better knowing that Ziggy is eating food that’s good for him.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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