The Streaming Service Everyone Should Be Using

Offer Available For A Limited Time Only!

A few of the many hit movies available NOW on The STARZ App!

The Streaming Service Everyone Should Be Using

Here are the three most important reasons why you need to get the STARZ App today.

1. Obsessable, binge-worthy shows, many of which are super underrated. STARZ definitely hits the nail on the head with a great combo of socially progressive series, period dramas, and modern content. These are just a sampling of the more than a dozen original series STARZ offers:

  • P-Valley – watch season two NOW on The STARZ App!


  • BMF – catch the new docuseries “The BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast” on The STARZ App Sunday, October 23!

  • Outlander – watch the first 6 seasons on The STARZ App!

…and SO much MORE!

2. STARZ has an extensive library of award-winning movies, including many that have won an Oscar for best picture. If you’re a film buff like me, this is literal cinema heaven. Here are just a few of the classic films available on The STARZ App:

  • Spider-man: No Way Home
  • Mrs. Doubtfire
  • She Ball

…and SO much MORE!

3. There’s an INSANE offer happening right now. Get the STARZ App for $3/MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS! Don’t wait on this one, especially because this offer expires soon – you’ll regret it!

Offer Available For A Limited Time Only!

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