This Bathing Suit Lets You Have It Both Ways


Violet Saxon

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As post-quarantine summer kicks into high gear, we’re all more eager than ever to park ourselves in front of a nice body of water and soak up the sun. But how much sun exactly should we be soaking up? One bathing suit in particular, the Malibu from Andie Swim, is letting beachgoers customize their swim experience with a fresh design. The Malibu’s design snaps up the front of the chest, so you can cover up for a more modest look, or unsnap and catch some rays for a sexier style. The suit features:

  • Removable soft cups
  • A fully adjustable snap front

And, importantly: 

  • UPF 50+ sun protection

Made of thick, quality materials, the Malibu is perfect for the on-the-go woman who wants the option of being active and supported or showing a little more skin.

Fans Rave About The Malibu’s Versatility

The reviews are in: women are obsessed with how the Malibu lets them switch it up with just a few snaps. One reviewer gushes: “I can be sexy and show some skin, or I can snap it up and play volleyball without worrying about falling out.” Others love how it’s suited (no pun intended) for a bunch of different occasions, from running around and swimming with kids to swimming laps. In fact, the Malibu isn’t just for the water! Some reviewers love wearing it as a fun bodysuit, like the woman who was so excited to get her suit that she wore it to a virtual Pilates class in the winter. Alternatively, “putting on cut-off denim shorts on top of it is perfect for any pre/post swim errands,” says one glowing review. No more awkward post-beach runs to the grocery store!

The Malibu Is The Perfect Suit for All Bodies

Andie Swim highlights bodies of all shapes and sizes. Their emphasis on inclusivity and versatility reminds us that all you have to do to get your “beach body” ready for summer is to take your body to the beach! Tons of women feel supported, literally and figuratively, by the way that the Malibu flatters all body types. “I was drawn to this suit because Andie featured it on a model whose body looked like mine,” writes one reviewer, “but I’ll buy it in a second color because I’ve never loved a suit more.”

The Malibu Shows Off Your Best Self No Matter How You Wear It

The Malibu isn’t just another suit. It gives you options to be your most comfortable self— without compromising on style. Even when worn buttoned up, one reviewer notes “the style is still fun.” They appreciate “the options the buttons on the front give me to still feel attractive, never *too* covered, or dowdy.” Either way you wear it, the Malibu lets you feel confident. “It covers things I want to cover, and shows off parts that I love about myself,” says one reviewer. Another review sums up the Malibu’s perks in just two simple words: “insanely flattering.” What more can you ask for?

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by Insider Envy Staff

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