This dog food is f@#%ing expensive, is it worth it?


Short answer: Yes

Update: Ollie is extending a limited time offer to our readers. Receive 50% off your first box.

Formulated by a team of specialized veterinarians to create the utmost nutritious recipes, Ollie is the subscription dog food standing up for animals in a new and meaningful way. Free of fillers, preservatives, and chemicals, Ollie dog food proves that love knows no bounds – especially when it comes to your dog’s health!

Traditional pet food is cheap, but at what expense?

As a pet parent, I first grew concerned when I saw a documentary exposing that generic dog foods can include 4D meat – that’s meat from dead, dying, diseased, or disabled animals. The deeper I dug, the more my parental instincts kicked in. The commercial dog food industry is heavily unregulated. If you can believe it, dog food doesn’t even need to be tested on dogs before hitting supermarket aisles! And if you were looking for real meat in your dog food? Forget about it. Food ‘made with real beef’ is only legally required to contain 3% of it.

If you’re like me, then you’re probably feeling pretty shocked at finding all of this out. I decided it was up to me to investigate the best possible option for my pup, because he relies on me to take care of him, so I gave it a try.

The miracle dog food

Perfectly portioned to meet the exact nutritional needs of your dog, Ollie’s dog food offers a selection of recipes (turkey, beef, chicken, and lamb) and snacks (beef, sweet potato, and chicken strips) designed and customized to your dog’s allergies, weight, breed, and activity level.

Naturally sourced ingredients like chicken liver, spinach, and blueberries work together to improve digestion, skin health, and coat. Higher energy levels, better poops, and longer life are just a few of the many benefits of Ollie dog food. It pretty amazing to see how much Chunk loved it. Safe to say we’re not going back!

This all seems to good to be true, there must be a catch right?

Kind of: it’s expensive. Starting at less than $3 a day for small dogs, the price of Ollie increases with the size of your dog, and that can add up quickly. However when you think about it in the long term, you’ll end up saving more on vet bills by protecting your dog from harmful carcinogens and additives found in traditional dog food. That alone can balance the cost. But putting money aside for a minute, healthier dogs live longer, and if paying a little more for Ollie will allow me to spend a few more years with Chunk, well sign me up.

Choose Ollie

It’s up to us to fight back against an unethical industry and treat our dogs the way we treat ourselves. Now for a limited time, receive 50% off your first box of Ollie.

New Packaging Update

Ollie just released their new packaging and it’s pretty great. The old packs used to be bulky and take up a lot of space in your fridge, so they switched to much smaller and denser ones. This means you’ll get more food per box and therefore will have less frequent shipments (huge environmental plus). Portion sizes will be a lot easier to follow with the smaller packs and they’ve also updated their instructions. All in all a good move by Ollie.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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