Top 10 Products for New Puppy Parents


Everyone and their mother seems to be adopting puppies this year– dog parks have turned into the new social scene and Instagram is flooded with tiny dogs taking naps. But as much as the cuddles are nice, raising your new best friend is not easy, especially for new dog owners. Between nipping, middle of the night accidents, and your favorite sweater ripped into 1,000 pieces, there are bound to be moments of utter exhaustion and exasperation in those first few weeks (or months, or years) with your pup. 

There isn’t a be-all-end-all guide to raising a dog, but if you can nail a few key aspects of your dog’s young life, good behavior and lots of love are bound to follow. Here are our go-to products to care for our pups, all of which can be found at Chewy.

A good collar:

This is pretty much the first thing you should get for any dog. More than just for walks, having an ID tag, rabies vaccination tag, or what have you attached to their collar could be a lifesaver if you ever got into any puppy mishaps. Whether you’re going for the lower key, lower cost Carhartt collar, or going big with the Scooby Doo print (because dogs deserve accessories too), the most important feature is that your dog is safe.

A leash:

If you want to leave the house with your dog, you probably need one of these bad boys. Walks with puppies are a great way to get their energy out and bond with your dog. The Dog Gone Smart is a convenient handle and poop bag dispenser to add to any leash, and I personally use the Found My Animal Adjustable Ombre Rope leash myself both of regular walks and jogs with my dog, and love it so much I got my sister and her dog one for her birthday.

A comfy bed:

There’s nothing cuter than a happy, tired dog curled up on a cozy bed. These are three options your dog will look forward to napping in. Depending on your style and price point, the La-Z Boy and the Furhaven beds both have insanely good customer reviews, and the Wickman sofa would be an adorable addition to any living room. 

A crate:

Crate training is an amazing way to not only protect your furniture and belongings when you leave the house, but also to give your pup a place where he feels calm and safe. The wire crate is a traditional option, but more and more, people are opting for a more stylish crate– the furniture style one would blend into any bedroom!

Poop bags:

If you want to be a respectful dog owner (and you don’t want your neighbors to hate you), invest in these in bulk. You’ll go through them faster than you think. Try the dog poop bag dispenser or the poop bag starter kit. 

Some toys:

As your dog will make very clear, not all toys are created equal. Here are a few of our favorites. Whether your dog wants to snuggle up with a soft toy like the Floppy Octopus, or drive you insane squeaking (and constantly misplacing) the Kong SqueakAir balls, he or she will benefit from the stimulation. 

A sturdy harness:

Whether for a long run or hike with a dog, or just for a dog that pulls a lot, a harness is a great investment, and more comfortable to walk in for most dogs. The Carhartt is an affordable and lower profile option, with countless stellar reviews, but if you plan to go on big hikes/trips with your dog, it might be worth it to invest in the more serious option. 

A playpen:

Sometimes, you have to confine your puppy’s range of motion, or they’ll be all over the place in an instant. Here are two great playpens to keep things under control: the Portable Wire Dog Playpen and the 4-Panel Plastic Exercise Dog Playpen. 


Eventually, you’re gonna have to bring your dog places. These sets will make your life a lot easier– plus, it is all bundled into one already. 

Car protection:

Dog hair, accidents, car sickness– sometimes driving with dogs doesn’t go to plan. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst with these key car essentials. Quilted Car Back Seat Protector and the Kurgo Dog Poop Bag Tailgate Dumpster.

Every dog owner can raise a great dog, whether you grew up in a pack or your quarantine buddy is the first dog you have ever called your own. Chewy just makes it easier for you– especially with their autoship technology, you can focus on giving your dog the love and attention it needs, and they can take care of the supplies you need. 

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by Insider Envy Staff

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