Insider Envy Travel Guide: 10 Reasons to Visit Finland Right Now

If you haven’t considered visiting Finland, you need to. While there are many exotic locales in the world, Finland has so much to offer. The country borders Russia, Norway, and Sweden and is home to over 5,539,000 people. Why should you plan a trip to Finland right now?

1. Comfortable Summertime Temperatures

While this region is known for its cooler temperatures, Finland is quite comfortable in the summer. The area sees temperatures of around 64 degrees Fahrenheit during the warm season. It’s a mild climate that’s perfect for sightseeing without sweating!

2. 39 Stunning National Parks to Visit

Finland maintains 39 national parks that include lakes, peatlands, forests, fells, and the archipelago. The country contains more water and trees than any other region in Europe. 70% of Finland is covered in lush woodlands.

3. See the Northern Lights

Finland is truly one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights. Lapland (the country’s northern region) is a must-visit if you want to see this gorgeous natural phenomenon. The Aurora Borealis are visible over 200 nights per year.

4. Explore with Everyman’s Right

Jokamiehenoikeus, a Finnish term that translates to “Everyman’s Right,” refers to the ability to walk freely in nature. Visitors and residents can explore any wilderness area at will, with no limitations.

5. Meet the Real Santa Claus

That’s right, Santa Claus lives in Finland! He originally resided in Korvatunturi but now awaits guests in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Visitors are welcome to stop by and see Santa all year round!

6. Finland is a Skier’s Paradise

If you love white powder, particularly for cross-country skiing, Finland is the vacation spot for you. The Finnish ski season can span more than six months, usually lasting from October until May. The ski slopes and cross-country tracks light up during the darker winter days.

7. You Don’t Have to Learn a Language

Communication is always a concern when visiting a foreign country. The official business language in Finland is English, so you can travel and communicate without language barriers. Find attractions, restaurants, and more without consulting a translator app or book.

8. Finland is a Safe Place to Visit

Safety is a priority for any traveler. When you come to Finland, you can relax knowing that the country sees very low crime levels. That means it’s a wonderful place to visit whether you’re solo, elderly, or traveling as a family with children.

9. The Finnish Food Scene is Irresistible

Foodies will love tasting all the flavors of Finland! The country has a thriving food scene that includes traditional dishes as well as innovative new creations. Expand your menu and be the first to discover what up-and-coming chefs in Finland are making.

10. Shop Authentic Finnish Designs

Finland maintains a strong tradition of craft. The country produces unique and striking home décor designs. Shop some of the finest brands in the world including Iittala, Marimekko, Artek, and Arabia. Find a special Finnish keepsake to take home or give as a gift.

More Reasons to See Finland                     

There are so many other reasons to see Finland. The capital Helsinki is known for having the cleanest tap water compared to any other major city while Kilpisjarvi is home to the cleanest air. Great coffee, saunas, and the Midnight Sun Film Festival continue to draw in travelers. Expand your horizons and see for yourself why more people are flocking to Finland.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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