Wet vs. Dry Dog Food


How and what you choose to feed your dog is the most important part of making sure they stay happy and healthy. But when it comes to dog food choices, the options are seemingly endless. There are dry dog food, wet dog foods, subscription dog food services like Ollie. Making the right choice takes research, and can often be confusing. Which is why I’m here to help.

Dry Dog Food Pros

Dry dog food is more popular and comes in more options than wet dog food does. You can easily find dry dog food in different sizes that are best suited to your dog’s breed and size. Dry kibble is also often used as a training treat, because it is easy to carry in your hand or pocket, and sometimes is even used as a dental health supplement that cleans your dog’s teeth. It is easy to store and does not easily spoil, making it the more economical choice out of the two.

Dry Dog Food Cons

Dry dog food may be easier to find, easier to store, and cheaper, but all of that comes at a huge cost. According to Gabby Slome, co-founder of Ollie, a high-quality dog food subscription program, commercially made dry dog food is completely unregulated, meaning it’s often made from “dead, dying, and diseased animals”, along with lots of salt, sugar, and chemicals. It’s like fast food, but worse for your pup.

Wet Dog Food Pros

Wet dog food is especially good for dogs who don’t drink enough water. Because of the added moisture, your dog can eat larger portions at meals without adding calories to their diet, allowing them to more easily lose weight if necessary. Often stored in cans, wet dog food uses fewer preservatives and artificial ingredients, and actually, have a higher overall nutritional value than kibble does. Wet dog food also smells better, and can be easily eaten by dogs with missing teeth or jaw problems.

Wet Dog Food Cons

Wet dog food doesn’t last for as long, and needs to be stored in the refrigerator after it is opened. Dogs that eat wet dog food can sometimes make a mess. In spite of the fact that wet dog food has fewer preservatives and a higher nutritional value than kibble, it’s still canned food and is made from many of the same horrible ingredients dry food is.


When it comes down to it, freshly made dog meals are the best choice for your dog’s health. Any dog food that is dried or canned is processed. Even if it claims to be made with real ingredients and no preservatives, it cannot be called fresh.

I refuse to feed my dog commercially dried or canned dog food. For my pug, Ozzy, I choose to subscribe to fresh dog food services like Ollie, because they offer fresh, high-quality ingredients I know he will enjoy, and that will be good for him, too! Ollie does end up being more expensive than commercially made dry and wet dog food, but I see it as an investment. Ozzy will be happy and healthy for far longer while eating Ollie than he would be eating any commercially made food.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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