Why did this one piece swimsuit have a 10,500 person waitlist?


Dora Grossman-Weir

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If we did a Family Feud style survey about something women don’t look forward to each year, I am almost certain (speaking for myself, at least) that putting on a tired, ill-fitting bathing suit would be the #1 answer. When you hit the beach, you want to feel confident: in your look, in your ability to move, that none of your body parts are on the verge of popping out and scandalizing the family on the beach towel next to you. But, this is easier said than done, as many bathing suit brands lack in size-inclusivity, quality, and cuts + styles that are tailored to more than just the unrealistic sample size. 

These problems are relatively universal, and thousands of women have found the same answer: a certain suit from Andie called the Amalfi. The suit once had a 10,500 person waitlist!  And when it comes back in stock, it flies off the metaphorical e-commerce shelves.

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Why the suit?

Their most iconic suit is “The Amalfi”– and it is easy to see why. This highly sought-after suit is “made from a durable fabric that has four-way stretch, meaning it’ll comfortably fit your curves, has a compressive lining for added shaping support, and offers UPF 50+ protection to keep sunburns away.” Basically: chic, practical, high quality, the stuff of dreams. The Amalfi’s simple design can adapt to many different people’s personal styles, as you can see on their website. The page features countless photos of customers of a wide variety of ages, bodies, and personal styles rocking the suit in their own lives. As much as the cut is simple, there are so many options of color, texture, and length. It adapts to you, your lifestyle, age, needs, instead of boxing you into whatever is the passing trend.

Simple, timeless designs

Andie themselves put it pretty perfectly: their goal is to make “well-made, well-cut suits that look great, keep everything where it should be, and feel so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all.” These suits are simple, but don’t sacrifice style. 

Every look is represented AND celebrated

The team behind Andie knows that every woman looks different, and takes responsibility in embracing this. In their words: “Our all-women team works to provide the internet’s best swimwear shopping experience based on the Andie values”– inclusivity and positivity. I was so impressed by the array of bodies that felt beautiful and confident wearing Andie’s suits, only making me feel more invested in and supportive of the brand’s message. Ranging from pieces such as the “Malibu” and the “Ibiza”, the suits are built to last. The reviews speak for themselves: Andie knows what they are doing.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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